hey guys,how do i make the swirl surfboard.any help would be appreciated.


Hey Rickland,

Try a search in the archives under Acid Swirl or Tint. Also look up cut lap if not familiar with this term. There’s months of reading on this subject buried in this website. Once you have done that, theres lot’s of folks here that are more than willing to share secrets, and walk you through specific issues. But you got to do your homework first. Or better yet you can get Mr. Bruckers, aka Cleanlines new Glassing DVD. He walks you through every step of glassing. Acid swirls, pinlines, glossing etc.


Where do you get Mr. Bruckers, aka Cleanlines new Glassing DVD. How much is it. Does it show everystep of glassing or just swirls.



Check out www.damascusproductions.com , Matt offers both the Master Shapers series and the more recent Master Glassing project.

Tom S.