Switching from a 7'10 NSP to a hybrid. Help please

I got a 7’10 NSP and i wanna switch to a shorter board. I haven’t decided what board to get. I weigh 125 lbs.(US) I surf 2-3 times a week/double sesh each time i go out. Any suggestions? or comments? I was thinking of getting a 7s superfish xl but people say those suck

I had a 7S Super fish 6’3" years ago. It was ok. they are mass produced just like a NSP. They have good float and low rocker and will do well in mushy surf. I must say my 5’11" quad shaped by my buddy locally is light years better in all respects. I would suggest you try and find a local shapers boards to try and see what style complements your surfing. Shorter fatter boards are all around more fun if you have choppier beach break type surf since you cna throw them all around and fit in tight pockets. If you have longer point type wave then some type of fun, mini mal or even a long board may give you the most stoke. What type of surfing do you enjoy most? i.e. vertical top to bottom, long sweeping carves, blasting airs and floaters? this answer will help you decide what type board to look at.

My beach is unpredictable, Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica Ca. Im trying to learn how to do alot of CUTBACKS cuz i havent had those unlocked and maybe pull some AIRS.

I would look for something in the 5’10" to 6’3" ramge. Around 19-21 inches wide and 2.5-3 inches thick. This would float you well and allow you to catch waves but still be easy to manuver in the wave. Look for a 3 or 5 fin set up for versitility. You can also look for good used boards by better shapers than the stuff GSI puts out. Not that it’s bad just a little “sterile” feeling.

I believe this may be the wrong place to ask about where to buy a replacement for an NSP board…  That said, it is the right forum for how to build a replacement for an NSP board…  :wink:

Just sayin’.

Quality 3M surfboards built in Mongolia are the way to go.  I’ve got a 7-14 fish that kills it in anything from double over ankle to 20 foot Tasmanian.  Great for boosting switchfoot Ollies or just sneakin in some nose riding.  Hope your having fun.  Mike

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I’m trying to switch to a shorter board though, I dont have any specific dimension, I was thinking of getting a santa cruz pumpkin seed though

What board you guys have?

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If you want to go shorter, still have stability, get into waves easily, learn very quickly how to S turn and do roundhouse cutbacks… AND have tons of speed and no sinking in gutless slop, I strongly suggest you check out the Stoker V Machine thread.

There are lots of pix to look at, lots of descriptions and explanations on why these are so popular.

Beginners and intermediate surfers get good faster on them, and even Rob Machado and Taylor Knox loved the stock one I made for my friend.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

They also don’t cost an arm and a leg.