symmetrial rails

Hi all,

Read in surfer journal an article on McTavish. He believes that symmetrical rails are essential for a ‘carving surf’. But looking at his boards in the shop, i could not see this symmetry in the rails.

It should well be that the ‘upper’ side of the rail is the same as the ‘lower’ side, right? As if mirrored in the middleline (if we slice the board in two boards) Or do i get it wrong? Would like to understand!



I didn’t see the article but they sound like 50/50 round or egg rails characteristic of your traditional longboard.

Check this out too…

cheers, Brennan

Mark Richards, when asked what he least enjoyed about shaping replied,

“having to get both rails the same…matching the left and the right rail”

[ just my take on 'symmetrical rails'...]