Syphon or Gravity Detail Gun

The attached pic (siphon type) is readily available and pretty cheap - Is it an okay tool? Or is the gravity fed the preferred weapon and why? My guess is that paint get to the spray nozzle more efficiently.


Herb B

I use a lot of sprayguns in my woodshop…mainly HVLP Turbines.Just last month I went to Harbour Freight and bought a top cup gravity feed gun that is sweet.It runs off an air compressor and cost around 40 dollars.It takes less air than a siphon type and you can dial the spray pattern down to almost airbrush width.


I recently bought a siphon paint gun for 30$ at Home Depot. People suggested that I get the gravity feed but a friend let me try his and I felt it was uncomfortable and top heavy- just awkward. I don’t know, maybe that’s a little wierd. Haven’t had any problems with the siphon gun. Also, they are cheap.

Have fun,


Damien I agree that they do feel kind of strange.I have been using HVLP Turbine units for 10 years or so.I never use air compressor guns anymore,they are prehistoric in my opinion.THey are cheap though.If you guys wan’t to see a good spray system click the link.(I am not affiliated with them). .THey aint cheap but you get what you pay for.