System 3 Mirror Coat

Has anyone used this successfully to gloss coat?

Although the blow torch thing is kinda frightening.

Answered my own question:

‘Not recommended where material will be exposed to considerable sunshine.’ - fiberglass supply catalog.

Still, maybe the blow torch thing could help take out bubbles in RR gloss coat.

(while hopefully not melting anything)

I messed with it a little once. It sets up very soft compared to aluzine or RR, or anything for that matter.

Matt Campbell of C3D has a glossing epoxy that might be what you are looking for. Haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve been working with ResinX continuously for a few months and talking with Matt every week. He says the glossing epoxy is good, and hes got mucho credibility with me.

Thanks for the info but Resin X and me don’t mix very well.

Need to stick to RR.

Matt Campbell of C3D has a glossing epoxy

He ALSO has a glossing epoxy, one of 300 different types he sells. Not ResinX. I’m aware of your sensitivity issues with the Product. Too bad. It’s the shit. Contact him about his glossing epoxy.