Tacky gloss coat

Ok,this is my second gloss coat using reichold gloss resin. First board I did came out great. Temps were a bit warmer, around 50 outside my heated shed. I catylized at 1% which I was told was not enough. Took about 24 hours but did harden very nicely.  My second and current board I catylized at 3 %. Temps outside were about 20 deg but temps in the shed were about 60-65 deg. Stayed that way until resin kicked. I turned the heater off and it naturally cooled down very slowly over the course of the day. I went to sand a couple days later starting with 320 and resin was gummy. I didn’t want to continue to further mess it up. Will uv light or warmer temps fully cure resin , or is it a lost cause???  Was tacky after hand sanding rails as well.  Also, what is the correct catylizing percent for glossing. 

Do you know how to search.

  Let it sit a week in the sun, temp not so important, but warm is better.  Bring it inside at night.

  If after one week it's still tacky, regloss.

Thanks leeD! I’ll give it a shot

if the temp is not above 70 deg. F you will have dificulties,,,, period!

The folks have been helping me with a similar issue, look for a ‘how to fix trouble with gloss coat’ thread.

I’ll check it out… Thanks!! Might try a bigger  heater as well to get the shed to temp.  Thought I could get away a few degrees shy.