Taking a 3 week trip to French Polynesia this summer (June-July) w/ my wife and 17 yr. old daughter. Thinking of spliting time evenly among Tahiti, Moorea and Huahine. Anyone been? How far out are the reef passes? I know there are some beachbreaks on Tahiti, how about the other islands. We lived on Maui from '76-'82 before my daughter was born, hoping to get some waves similar to soutside Maui, like Lahaina Harbor, Shark Pit or Breakwall - no Teahupoo - although it would be amazing to see. How are the locals? Any info would be appreciated.

wannasurf.com not great but gives you an idea of whats up. post photos. your daughter and wife surf?

I was on Riatea a few years ago (not to surf) and a friend who was surfing there said that the locals vibed him and gave the stinkeye, but that it wasn’t any worse than any badly localized spot in california. He also said that Riatea was worse than the other islands, since they (the locals) feel it is their last refuge from the encroachment of westernization.

Yeah, we all surf. Full-on surfing family. Son, too, but he got married last summer to his childhood sweetie and lives in Fla. now. he shapes boards , too, under the grasshopper label. More into it than me. I saw the wanna surf stuff, that prompted me to post here to see if anyone here had been or heard anything.