TAIJI JAPAN AKA THE COVE - dolphin killing/enslavement post quake

You can get updated information by going to www.seashepherd.org


The 6 shepherds on site are all okay as they were able to make high ground before the tsunami hit. They witnessed a lot of tragedy around them including “many dead bodies” and a woman in the water calling for help but being swept out to sea before anyone could help her. 

One observer stated the holding nets were in upheaval and “I could hear audible screams”.

Although some of you may take exception with my position, I wish the cove, all boats and the entire surroundings were destroyed so as to prevent the activities that the Taiji fisherman voluntarily have engaged in year after year. That is the regular practice of killing dolphins as well as enslaving and selling the higher intelligent species to water and theme parks around the world. When the fisherman were challenged on this activity they responded that they were merely performing “pest control”.


I feel for the people of Japan, but I maintain my opposition to the Taiji community.

same here

A very fair comment, as a supporter of Surfers For Cetaceans, Sea Shepherd etc, I fully agree.

Let's just say I have a polar oposite view of the Japanese fishermen and Seashepard.  I thought there was no politics on this site?  Seashepard BS should not be tolerated either.

Exception is right DS....


But who gives a fuck as long as the dolphins are safe for a while eh? We can all sleep well tonight. Let those fishermen jerks mourn their toddlers and wives....that'll teach em.




   yo’’ oh dont bring anything to light? just keep hiding under the rug i dont understand people propping up medievil practices


    cheers huie

Bring it to light somewhere else if you are so inclined.  This is a surfboard building site not an animal rights site.

Propping up medievil practices???  Who are you to decide what another culture should or shouldn't do?  Personally, I hope to see one of those seashepard vessles sunk at sea by the whalers.  I would be cheering that one.  As for the dolphins, I'm not interested in eating them but I'm not going to tell you or anyone else not to eat them  Its none of mine or your business.


Like almost all of this type of non profit…their sole reason to exist is self promotion and to bring in dollars so the manager/owner of the organization can justify expenses.  I include almost all of the so called surfer type organizations like this.  I agree with Mako…this is actually the type of crap that doesn’t belong here.  Thousands of human lives have been drowned and crushed out and thousands more will likely die from exposure, radiation and etc.  


While I don’t condone the practice of dolphin slaughter in Japan or the dog torture or mass pigs being buried alive in China, I wouldn’t trust any these so called " not for profit " organizations as far as I could toss them. If you want to fully check many of them out before you wasted your hard earned money that could be better helping your neighbor than in their pocket…go to guidestar.org.  Even the free section contains a lot of info.  I will write in opposition to such treatment of animals, but my experience with these groups hasn’t been good. Do your research and don’t believe everything you hear or read just because it sounds like something you would support. Now, in the face of such human suffering, is not the time to promote.


Non profit is not not for profit. It’s nothing but a tax designation with minimal requirements.   I remember when the E.S.A. wasted thousands of  our dues dollars in their fight with the N.S.S.A. "  a few years ago…On our behalf.  "  They raised their membership fees,  still give crappy trophies and had the organization run by surfer mommies.  I bet Doc was rolling in his grave.


Keep your money in your pocket and don’t become a burden on others or if you want to give/help (which is honorable)…find someone and give it directly to them or seek out the large organizations whose track records are proven.  And the most hip are rarely the best or proven.  I see where Bono’s organization only gave 1% of it’s raked in booty to it’s stated cause. The rest went to entertainers fees and expenses.  Then there are many churches which are an entirely different subject.

We will not change Japanese culture by making movies and getting and Oscar.

Good post solo...you are wise beyond your years!!  : D

Here is the most ironical photo+caption I found in the first "article" on seashepherd site

The caption reads:

"Tarah and Carisa save a fish. Photo: Mike XVX"

Well, good job Tarah and Carisa....today you made a real difference. Outstanding!

And here is the last line of that paragraph: "The souls of the dolphin molesters are without light."

This sounds pretty close to ramblings of some brainwashed moron suicide bomber...

The whole organization is a disgrace...


K..rant over

I have empathy for the dolphins, but I have empathy for people, too.  One does not preclude the other.  


I read the bios on these folk and looked at their tax return and financial info on guide Star. Professional  Agitators, entertainers, Egg heads and former Green Peace members that ram ships and break laws.  Typical of this stuff actually.   Any time you see someone call themselves an eco warrior you know you are dealing with the same sort of nutty mentality as cults are known for.  Thanks…I’ll pass.

fair bit off head up your arse stuff here?



   cheers huie



Respectfully…read the bios on their own site and believe me when I tell you…I am far from a right wing zealot myself.  I think the Japanese need to quit whale and dolphin killing but I’m not willing to endanger a single human life to attempt to have it changed nor am I willing to come on a surfer forum and bring it up and ask for support for the movement right after Japan has suffered a terrible earthquake and Tsunami that has likely killed over 10,000 people.   


just defending my position       dont give a fig what anyone thinks  

no i dont donate to any cause just to people around me that may need it its all i can do

cheers HUIE


so  you  say you only  want surfboard design.   and then come up with that load of crap

you have exposed yourself totaly haaaaaaaaaa’‘’




Good for you Huie I don’t mind folks who want to donate either.  That is their business. Nothing against deadshaper either, but I think a better choice of topics could have been picked at this time.  I originally just wanted to make the point this is a forum about surfing and surfboards and with all the suffering in Japan by both animals and men, now isn’t the best time to plug your organization.


To get the thread back on Japan, I hear one of the cities couldn’t handle all the cremations. I hear they could only handle 18 bodies a day.  Terrible scene. I’m sure the toll and dogs, cats, and other animals is also bad.   I saw video of one dog that refused to leave his sick friend when rescuers showed up.  He wasn’t leaving unless they took his pal also.


A friend in Japan sent me this yesterday…Not a bad way to put your words into reality…


"Tomorrow I’m driving out to Iwate and will go to one of the worst hit areas to rescue some abandoned animals.

Don’t worry I’ll wear my aluminum hat to protect me from the radiation!!!

Please forward this link to as many people you know.

We got $360.000 now which is about 35 million yen but we are 20 million in the red so we need much much more!!!


Pass this along and please donate, even if it’s only one dollar… JUST DO IT!!!

The people of Japan have a voice and will be heard by their government, but nobody will speak up for the animals !!!

HELP us!!!

Also what is very important to know is that we have a no-kill policy.

None of the animals will be put to sleep!!!

We will take care of them for many many years to come.

Exceptions to the no-kill policy are animals that are in terrible pain.

But animals with behavioral problems will not be put down!!!

Biters scratchers we do not discriminate !!!"





The kind of charity I don’t mind.  I have a bunch of dogs on my land. All from the pound or strays.  There is a good book on this about animal rescues after disasters.  Home grown charity is where it’s at in my opinion.  No grand goals, movies or T.V. and salaries.  Just a job to do getting done by citizens.

+1. Agreed, this is not a animal rights website! And who are we to tell them what they can or can’t eat. That said, I’ve visited japan once and was treated a-ok etc… Also, NEVeR saw dolphin on ANy menu?