Taj Burrow flies a board in for Chopes

I heard a news report liast night that Taj got a board flown in from OZ for the Chopes event…

Seemed to be a bit of an emergency…

It was the one he won on at Bells…

It’s making me wonder what’s happening with his new equipment, not good enough, or was the board one of those magic ones he can’t let go of…

Bert, Speedy, Greg can you shed some light on this?

watching heat now

guess its cuz the waves are small

yep he took boards that were too big. he flew in shorter boards for the tiny surf.

Looks like he knew what he was doing.

Chris Ward also won his heat on a quad after

he broke his thuster on the reef.

Interesting contest even tho its small!!!

taj out…

i just heard cory lopez beat taj on a placebo surfboard.

can anyone verfiy this?

Taj lost by 0.13…

Was that 0.13 seconds or vibe ?

No need to answer, I already know

Pretty close then, just a nose on the micro accurate vibemeter scale, amazing tech these days, opinion to 2 decimal places !


yeah strange stuff

he looked like he dominated the heat

his surfing was on fire but corey got the good waves

it was a very close heat

i am a bit biased though

Waves were wayyyy smaller that was expected. He flew in a couple small wave boards.