Takayama Beachbreak 9'4

Hello All,

Does anyone have any experience of one of these. I’m looking at one that is 23.25" wide, 9’4" long. What are they like to paddle and catch waves? Their description says they have a lot of rocker, Is it excessive? I want a user friendly allround board that will decrease nose catching on pretty steep beach break waves. Any thoughts anyone?


You’d be hard pressed to find a better board design than a Takayama.  The guy was at it for along time and really refined all his shapes.  Can’t say for sure if a 9’4" longboard is the best board for you in “pretty steep beach break waves” but the added rocker should help.  Steep beach break waves aren’t the easiest waves to negotiate on any board.  If you are anywhere near the beginner stage in your surfing, a slopey softer breaking type wave with a defined shoulder might be a better place to practice with any board(?)

Thanks John. The board I’ve got at the moment is a wide nosed noserider. Pretty low nose rocker with a bit more tail rocker. I just wasnt expecting the local Algarve waves to be so steep and fast. Yes there are other spots with fatter waves but often not working or with onshore wind.

Ive seen a Tak Beachbreak advertised and the extra width appealed to me, perhaps a bit more forgiving I thought?

Thanks again. Any more thoughts anyone?

Takayamas are way cool and if your going to longboard route, that is a great option for steep waves. good luck

Thanks for the help. I’m torn between the Tak and a Walden Magic. The Tak I’ve seen is wider than normal, 23.25. Do you reckon it would be a good all rounder also?

Yea totally.  Great all around board for sure.  It will be a great board to learn on and as you progess you will be able to tap into the performance aspect of the board.   You really cant go wrong with a takayama longboard.  I would steer clear of the magic model if I were you but that is my opinion.  


But I also would have to agree with Reverb from your other post.  Talking with a local and respected shaper in your area would be your best bet.  They will be able to build a board specifically for your size, ability, and the types of waves you will be riding.  If your in a hurry, and want to buy a stock board, the Takayama is your best bet IMO!  

hi there, has anywone the rocker dims of the Takayama Beachbreak?

Hello, Thanks everyone for the help.

The dimensions of the one I’m looking at are 


N. 18.26 x T. 14.40 x W.  23.25 TH.  3 - Volume 74.52

Is the general consus against the Walden because of Boardworks and The Far east factory?

I doubt if anybody is dismissing either brand because of where it’s made.  I think it’s fair to say that assuming they are each the epoxy composite type construction, they are likely both outsourced to a big factory with competitive technology… perhaps even in the same factory(?)  Boardworks has changed hands a few times and I don’t know exactly where they are being made at this point. In any case, the tech options available on Boardworks models is pretty impressive. Various label owners are typically shown a ‘menu’ of tech options before they order up… you might do some research on what is available and at what prices.  There may be differences that are important to you between say a Surftech Tuf-Lite and a Boardworks “EPX-V” construction.  I’m not saying that the shape isn’t important as well - just that it’s hard to compare any given brand with another simply based on the name.

There have been Donald Takayama models made by Surftech in the past.  This cut/paste below indicates that before he died, he was getting involved with a different manufacturer.  I would guess that based on the phrasing/translation, the writer is likely not a native English language speaker.  

Surftech recently announced that they have forged some sort of deal with Takayama’s family to introduce some new Takayama models.  I don’t know which models will be included.  Surftech offers a bunch of different technologies in their different models.  Maybe wait awhile and see what comes out?

"HawaiianProDesign Epoxy Flyer History 

Last project as a Donald Takayama HPD mastershaper epoxy flyer. Donald is a surfboard materials, believing that was made in the PU and EPS in both superior and are saying, to make a surfboard with either good things also surfers each favorite is Donald thinks was. He had established itself as the world’s master Shaper in PU. And thought that want to make best boards exactly in the EPS. 

He had a strong passion with this project. He uses a year between various different forms and materials and attempts were trying to surf boards better through trial and error. Once it was HPD’s FaceBook page, this project many people on Donald had a question about that. 

Say why Donald is excited or Donald nearly 40 years polyester with PU form boards cut was the Donald makes combination of EPS foam and epoxy resin Board’s best material found. I want production on its own, rather than other companies using the technology. 

To contact Fred Reid, CEO of Horizon’s old friend Fritz and Wow Action Sports company, 9/2012, Donald asked this way. "I quit the contract for production boards ever. You won’t be working together I epoxy Flyer project agency? "And say it is. And "I’m actually was not very happy. It’s from and why master the only POP OUT of jungles in the mold. 」 

Wanted Donald to epoxy Flyer project is making mold Board, not using the EPS foam and epoxy resin, hand shape Board. 

We have to shape your epoxy flyer just like PU hand shape. How to make the epoxy flyer invented the Donald. Donald died before 3 months so I participated in this project with him. Almost daily, how surfers great boards to make, or piled up the meeting. Him did cherish a light and sturdy Board simply just not is to board the first ride is better balanced. Not too heavy, not too light was aiming for just and Flex plate. 

According to his previous production Board is tough, too light. He had a body surfer-friendly Flex to build something our weight suitable for surfing. And finally premiered last epoxy flyer by his experience and wisdom. 

Epoxy flyer made from the master Donald made. Donald’s soul is trapped on all epoxy flyer. 

Donald told me. See for example I’m Board Model t fit mold technology. From too much light. She fit the appropriate weight epoxy flyer for a variety plate. Because you can not molded epoxy flyer, production of hand shape Board. 」 

Made from epoxy flyer is the EPC technology. Donald has had before, using other materials, different kinds of epoxy flyer to make preparations. May left his recipe by epoxy flyer will evolve from this? Even half a year aboard the general user and professional et al., most comments "this Board is close to the poly. Easy to ride. There is buoyancy. Different mold. Mold is too light or flapped in the wind, gently body. Come everyone at the store near epoxy flyer test drive I good. 」 

Talking hot about epoxy flyer Diane Takayama still will talk to me. Is it just for him this project was big fun, and poured the hot passion. 

Written By Fred Reid 

Hawaiian Pro Designs unveils latest innovative projects of Donald. 

By Donald SUP and surfboard, begins manufacturing Epoxy Flyer series reached a new level. 

Donald before he died, this project very excited about was. 

Epoxy Flyer series features a custom Board with all the know-how obtained from the Epoxy production project ever in Flex and response, established this technology combines the benefits of performance and durability with epoxy. 

Epoxy Flyer is a cutting-edge SUP handmade form and fiberglass, surfboards. 

Epoxy Flyers is a series by E.P.C technology with the license of the project Horizon Inc. (USA). 

Also has production of various sizes available. 

Epoxy Flyers series in 1/2013 announced Horizon Inc. (USA) at Surf Expo held in the United States, followed by the 2/2013 to in Yokohama, held Internet style WOW action sports launched at the world begins to sell."


That’s a sweet board even if it is a Phuket Pop-out.  I like his nephew’s boards and the tech they are built with.  Too bad they aren’t vented  with one of Pete’s vents.  Looks like they might blow up on a sunny Cal day.  Lowel