Takayama EGG ?

These boards seem to have a real great outline all the way thru.Can someone tell me what type of waves these boards are best suited for?

Would the 7’10" egg make for a good florida board?Any info would be apreciated.


I was recently looking into buying that board. I called around and heard repeatedly from a few different shops that people found it a bit thin and slow. It was nip and tuck but I went with an 8ft MacTavish instead. I’m happy with it.

Others on this board can give you a better explanation of the design.


I really dig my 7’2–yup, it’s thin at 2 1/4, but it floats good and is a tremendous wave catcher. Bottom has some belly in the nose (good for windy Florida days), to flat, to a panel V that goes flat off the tail. Rails are round and soft, harder in the tail. I’ve ridden mine as a single with a 9" rusty flex, and as a thruster. Both work great. For reference, my girlfriend, who had never ridden anything shorter that 9’, brought the egg (last minute board drama) to Costa Rica, and absolutely ripped on it for two weeks–starting with the first wave she paddled for. Still trying to shape myself something that purty…