Takayama Twin ID

Picked up this old Takayama twin today for next to nothing. Just wondering if you guys could help me with any info you might have on when it was shaped. My guess is early 80’s
It’s yellow but no delams whatsoever so I’m stoked. Overall in good condition with all dings properly patched. Was going to attempt to trade it for a shortboard but might reconsider if it turns out to be worth anything. Either that or sell it to fund a new blank. Or I could just ride it but it’d probably get more use going to someone else.

6’4"x20 1/2"
Plastic fins from I assume Fins Unlimited in a Red-X style box with the bolt going through the deck.

No leash plug.

The logo says Encinitas whereas all I’m seeing online say Oceanside.

Can’t read the initials on the stringer but the serial number is 8954

Had a couple 80’s skate stickers on it which had me thinking it was from the early 80’s.

“very interesting”

DT lived in Encinitas on La Masa St. About a block or so from where I was living. He may have been Shaping out of Channing’s place on West Lake my guess would be that board in from around 1976 to 1979 or so. Others might be able in do better on dating that board. But from that era of Reno and Mark Richards twin fin surfing.

Appears to be a FU system
maybe I am lame.
never seen a twin set up like this one,

Thanks for the info artz! Should I keep it or let it go? what would be a good asking price for it?

I have no idea of what to ask. Donald was not known as a shaper of twin fins so the board is not something that someone would consider an icon of mid 70s twin fin era. But it is Takayama. With his initials. Call Bird at Birds surf head he may be able to help.