Hi Swaylockers.

Is there a difference between the meanings of the word ‘takeoff’ when we’re discussing board design vs surfer technique? I keep reading ‘flatter entry rocker will make the board takeoff earlier’. Does this mean its ability to get up to planing speed?

Thanks in advance


A "take off " to me is the term used when catching a wave, the take of is the point of going fom paddling to riding.  You could also see it as when the board has gone from displacing water and being dragged though the water to planing on the surface, this can be helped by more volume,planing area and less rocker.

In reguards to it used relating to surfer technique i’m not so sure? you mean like  “that guy has great technique, he has a good take off?”



Thanks Krusher.
I’ve seen the term used to mean the point at which a surfer goes from prone to feet, but then saw on shaping and board design blogs the same term being used a la “low entry rocker gives early takeoff” and just wondered if it referred to a specific characteristic of a board.
I assumed as you suggest it’s the point at which it requires no more paddling to keep it moving forward.
Thanks again