Talking bout a revolution

I think it’s almost here. Its been in the making for over a decade, the roots revival of surfing. As a 16 year old people tell me “You should be riding a thruster like all the other kids your age”, but I can’t relate to all the guys on the ASP chop hopping around on their 6’0s in mush. I also can’t relate to the pro-surfers jet-setting across the world and surfing their 6’0s in perfect overhead barrells. I can relate to the everyday surfer who has their own quiver geared toward their own surfing. Why have to pump all theway down the line just to get enough speed to launch yourself off a close out, why not noseride and drop-knee your way down the line, or s-turn all over the wave on a board that goes without all the butt wiggling. The single fin has started its return, on the shortboard, the longboard, and the mid-length. The stigma of the “funboard” is being rejected by mid-length single fin section connectors, tube riding machines. I think the time has come to burn your 6’0 thruster and take part in the single fin revolution (twins and quads too!!)

Right on. and I hate the term funboard. Aren’t all surfboards supposed to be “fun”? What would be the opposite of a funboard; a no-funboard? Anyway, was getting tired of longboarding so much this fall,bored with my 6’something’s so I made a neat little 7’11" mini-performance longboard out of a 8’3E. Caught 2 of the best rides in years 2weeks ago during that low-off-bahamas swell. Changing it up keeps it excitin’.

id say the way to solve it is to have 1 of everything in ur quiver. a fantasy of mine

yea I want joel’s quiver so bad.

Just because you can’t relate to someone doesn’t mean you should burn their lifestyle or choice of equipment. This is narrow minded and bigoted behavior. Your single-minded singlefin revolution is in fact a blind hypocritical de-evolution. Believe it or not, there have been surfers surfing singlefin surfboards since the invention of the singlefin. Some jumped ship as soon as 2 began to rule and 3 became king. Others stayed the course. Continuing to ride the “old” boards while adding the new to their repertoire. One hand paddles forward while the other reaches back, just to remind you that the past is still there.

My young friend, you are stuck in a tiny fishbowl fashioned by the maniacal media powers that be. There is a whole other world out there that has been distorted by the confines of your warped glass reality. Your trendy neuvo return to soul is no spring sapling raised by Tudor, Machado and Frankenreiter. No… The history of this movement is far richer than the “Retro” seed that has been planted in your mind and watered by the DVDs, Magazines, Websites and Endorsements of these clever green thumbs. The trunk of THIS tree is thick, its branches long and its roots run much deeper than the topsoil at the souls of your feet.

Respect your past. Embrace the present. Welcome the future.


Monday- Great post. You summed it up perfectly. Carl

realize that maybe some of these boards are a case of function over fashion. twins can lacerate a wave like no other, thick heavy volan longboards cruise with un-matched style, and single fins are so sweet in the barrel. Never mind the fish that are so popular, why would anybody want blinding speed? But i guess some of it can be chalked up to vanity, after all, what board looks sweeter then a 70’s frye fish? or sicker then an aipa stinger?

I think every board design has its place. Single, twin, three, four, five…Thick, thin, wide, narrow…round, concave, flat, vee…long, short, mid size…poly, epoxy, pop out, custom, off the rack. It’s all good. Just get out there and have FUN!!!

Monday: You must have majored in English Literature or something. Great poetic style and use of symbolism.

monday- excellent!!!

Monday- really nice, thanks!

Monday - spoken like a true tribal elder, aloha.

Calling the boy a bigot is hyperbole.

Calling the boy a bigot is hyperbole.