"Tastes and colors should not be discussed..."

But still…

How can you order such a nice pale color on top:

…and at the same time ask for this on the bottom?:

Aaaaaah…customers are always right, aren’t they?

But still…

It’s a matter of taste. Some people have it and some people don’t. But I like that spray. Interesting contrast between that and the bottom graphic too. In a good way that is.

Always amazed me that everything we ever made sold … to someone. Butt ugly s#&t and someone would buy it. Then there were the depressed airbrusher days and the overuse of black. Depressing colorwork … and someone always bought it. I’m still amazed …

It’s no spray, Deanbo. 2 oz deck-patch with tinted resin, then 2 x 4 oz clear. Water-based ink-pen pinline and bottom graphic. (Actually, I drew the contours on the foam with a pencil and followed them with the ink-pen after I had sanded the hot-coat. Then a gloss-coat.)


There’s 3 different customers…Those with good taste…those with bad taste…and …those with no taste at all…

You (I) work for the last 2 to pay the bills… so you (I) can enjoy your work that much more when “Good Taste” hires you.

“Professionalism” is always giving it your best no matter who hires you - a fact, which your work tells me, you know already.


I’m a bit worried about the one next to it.

It looks like the carpet from an RSL club.(or insert any club with vomit and beer camo carpet.)

I not long ago had to do a couple of boards with bird feet tracks along the bottom.

As you say the customer is always right.




Then there were the depressed airbrusher days and the overuse of black.

I know who you’re talkin’ about and that brings back some fun old memories. Damn artists

and their moods… Usually some medication would restore the brightness in his color work.

Funny what sell’s some times the place where I work the boss asked me to do a translucent smoke grey tint on a board .I did it and it did not come out so good due to flaws in the blank .I hated the dam thing was thinking it would hang around the factory to haunt me for ever {boys at the factory nick named it" smoke damage" }.Went straight from polishing room to the front rack, customer walked in off the street bought it with in 10 minutes so funny .

Yes you do know. Fantasically talented colorist. Like all artists he had his moods. And how about Philhower … another one. Great or what? And Donny Bowers. And Phil Roberts. And yes Nemo even in his darkest times, nothing but great. Did we live with great artists or what? Someone should collect the works of the FL airbrush crew …

I had one that I thought was one of the prettiest airbrushes ever. Regis Jupinko did it. That board sat around for over a year and I had to discount it to get rid of it. Then there’ll be some butt ugly thing and it’s gone in 10 minutes … how can it be?

Essentially, and we all know this, is you don’t do quality for the customer, you do it for yourself. Pride of workmanship.

…how can it be?


the same reasons for what someone buy whatever board

the hype

like the brand …lost, without all that hype (mags), almost nobody were in that type of art and technique

always kind of like Keith Haring’s artwork


cartoons… but he had it pretty well going on

"I’m a little verklempt.

I like Earthy Woody Warm tones myself…




A standard saying from interior designers here is: “Every night I pray that people with money will get good taste, and people with good taste will get money.”

A well known woodworker, James Krenov, had a policy: He would make cabinet or furniture pieces, but required the customer to give him freedom to create, and put his heart into it. But he also told them that once they saw what he had built, if they didn’t like it, they didn’t have to take it. He’d just sell it to someone else. As far as I know, they always took it.