tear drop outline

A couple of years ago, in a shop here in Florida I saw a 9’4" Al Merrick-Channel Island asymmetrical noserider. Does anybody own or know anything about this board? I am particulary interested in the tear drop outline. Pros and cons of this outline. Thanks, great site.

hey there,I have a tear drop board.9’21x23x12 pin from bob person(arrow surfboards look at his web.it has a v running the hole langht of the bottom, twin fin. the thing is a rocket and it turn on a dime and on hollow waves you can get up on the nose of that rocket.talk to bob and he can tell you more or e-mail him from his web-Dj

I’d be interested in any comments on this template as well. My local shop in R.I. has one of these boards (new) that’s been in the board room for ever.