Ted Kearns

Sorry I missed you. Got the shop directions from Whalebones. Met Jim and saw a couple of your nice boards. Surf was pretty good at Hatteras. Maybe next time!

hey Ted, I was wondering if you would remember a board that you made a while ago. It was an ultimate noserider. it had a red and black cloth inlay and godzilla on the bottom. Actually it was two laminates of him. It was a 9’6. well if you do i found it on our beach. Quite a drift from yall if not carried here and broken here. It snapped and had about 6’6 left from the nose back. So i picked it up and breathed life into it again.

Hey John,I was in Hatteras all that day until about 4 o’clock,then I went surfing.My cell phone doesn’t work down there.Sorry we missed each other.I was at the shop all day Thurs.,thought you may try to call again.Glad you got some surf.See you next time.Ted.

Austin,I don’t seem to remember a board with Godzilla on it.Does it have a serial #.Where is your beach?Thanks for the info.TedK.

Sandbridge in Virginia Beach. which is the most southern beach we have. The serial number was gone im pretty sure. the only thing i could read was 9’6 x…then it stopped. Austin