Tell a noob how to make and use spin templates

Couldn't find a lot in the archives about them. Sounds like a great tool.


Tell us the secrets please??


Cheers .

Start from a full length template. Draw from tail to middle point on a piece of masonite or plywood or PVC or… Then, make the nose point and the middle coïncide respectively with middle point and tail point and draw it too. Cut out the spin template, leaving 1/8" or so outside the curve. True the curve on both sides, using a planer, sandpaper, and, above all, this very unique tool:


Using it: determine the middle and wide point on the blank, then lay the spin template from nose to middle (through wide point if it’s in front of middle), draw on the blank, then do the same with the tail-to-middle part of the template. When making a board shorter or longer than the original template, you will have to make some adjustments.

Check this, complete with John Mellor's excellent diagram :

Yeah, I had forgotten this great drawing by John. And a good drawing is worth thousands words.