Tell me what you think of these dimensions.

6, 10 Nose at 12 1/2 Width at 20 7/8, measured right in the middle Tail at 14 1/2 2 3/4 thick about four inches of nose rocker About 2.5 inches of tail rocker. The blank is a 7,0 R squash tail, tri fin. I’m trying to go for a mid eighties type thruster. I based it on a 6,6 I used to ride that sits in my garage. Think these dimensions will work well? Plus, is there anything that I can do to the bottom that will make the board loose, but without the tail sliding a bunch? I think Jim Phillips is going to shape it, so if he has any ideas I’ll go with them, but I thought I’d ask for a little input on the dimensions I worked up. Thanks