Tempera Paint and The Spray Gun

So I used the paint from fiber glass supply that ran through a spray gun great. But…I’ve been waiting weeks for an order and I’m getting fed up. Foam-Ez sells Tempera paint to use on surfboards. Anyone have any experience with either of these. I could go buy tempera right now at the art store…or wait 2 more weeks for FGS to send my order. thanks…rick.

Lots of info in the archives but to sum it up, most everyone recommends water based acrylic from the art store.

Howzit rick, Tempra doesn’t adhere as well as acrylic paint and you will get a little bleeding from paint particles that will release from the paint when the squeegee hits them when glassing. The trick to using tempra is to mix up water and Elmers glue as a thinner and it makes the paint adhere better.Aloha,Kokua

I’ve used tempra paint on a detailed spray job and it came out great and no bleeding. I also sealed the tempra with clear acrylic which is a must or it will bleed. Well wishes!

I’ve used the thick tempera from the art store thinned with acrylic floor finish. After all color is applied and dry (let dry between coats also), finish off with a light clear coat of the floor finish before drying time and glassing.

Run it through a fine mesh filter cone before spraying.

When mixed with acrylic floor finish, I think you’ve basically made your own version of water based acrylic.