Template Material?

What are some good materials to use in order to make a good template for a surfboard? I’ve only been shaping my boards without them and checking my measurements. No template using yet…

Been making mine out of 1/8" and 1/4" masonite. They double as hotwire guides. Also paper, card board, 1/8" ply, .063 aluminum, and even G-10, plex, or any flat material make good template materials.

I use cheep plywood doorskins from home cheepo. mike

Paper is OK for a rough guide. I’ve sent a few paper templates out but recommend that the user transfer to one of the solid materials (like what Rooster describes) for cut out and fine tuning with a plane and sanding block.

Use 1/8" thick Tempered Masonite, smooth both faces. One side smooth works just as well. TEMPERED is the operative word, much more durable. Buy a 4’X8’ panel and have it ripped into four 12" wide panels to make your templates out of.

a 4’x8’ sheet of 1/8" masonite costs $6 at Home Depot. they’ll cut it into smaller pieces for you (1’ wide).

Masonite, ply, MDF all work well for a permanent template.

Cardboard is OK for a not-so permanent template.

I use 3mm MDF from Bunnings in Australia (Australian equivalent to Home Depot on a smaller scale :). It sets me back $3… easier to source than a piece of cardboard that is big enough to cut a template :slight_smile:

Generally, any thin material that is relatively easy to cut works well… just needs to have a bit of flex in it to bend through the curve.


…a real good template can obtained with a computer (using illustrator , draw or others programs)then download in a cd and cut it with a pro router on a material like 2mm sentra or 1mm acrylic…perfects and last long

When you buy the Masonite, the way the lumberyard guys know it is: “1/8 inch hardboard, tempered two sides.” I think the ones that are tempered on both sides are better, because they don’t warp as much when the humidity changes.

Home Depot also has a thin plywood (it measures a little more than 1/8" and a little less than 1/4"…must be metric) that is made with marine type glue, and stays flat. Also good for templates. Doug

I use atrist mat board. the thickness is a litle under 1/8 inch.

Probably the only reasons I use it is that it is very easy to cut, lik ewith an exacto knife, and that I get it for free.

Will eventually transfer all tmeplates to masonite. Was wondering waht is the best way to cut it???