Template suggestions

I am laying out a shortboard template for myself and probably have visited the archives too many times by now. The board I would like will be mainly used during New Jersey winter months (3-6 surf with use during fall hurricanes as a secondary). Fully wetsuited, I weigh roughly 205-210 at 6’2", and I am a fairly experienced surfer. Also I surf down the line style, and ride boards more foward. My current board is a 6’6" modern fish (looks like an 80’s retro). I would like the new design to paddle a little easier (restrictive coldwater wetsuit reasons), and if possible also be a little bit more stable in the occasional 6-8 days (the *6’6" does fairly well but the tail sometimes spins on steeper drops, and the board gets a little too skatey). My thoughts are: 6’9", 20.5 centered, 2 3/4 thick, 12" nose, 14.5 tail, and a 6" squash. I drew a few variations on cad and this seemed to flow pretty nice. I would definitely like to hear other ideas. *All past shortboards that I have owned resembled an 80’s template. Could I benefit from a more modern outline - what are those opinions? Thanks, Herb Bean

Sounds to me like your moving in the right direction with the new template. For a down the line surfer, you don’t need all the rocker and hips (aft of center wide point) that some more modern boards have.

u know…i dont think ive ever used a template when drawing the outline…always just mark it out with the nails,a nd free hand it. because i was to lazy to go buy the metal to use as an edge for my line. so id draw a free hand sloppuy line, and just feel for it with my surform when neatening up