Templates for Bonzer side fins

Here are some template photos (sorry about the fisheye distortion) for the side fins on

a Bonzer-type board. These are working quite well considering the amount of flex they

have. In this case it is a 5-fin and the rear pair is larger than the front


Dimensions are as follows:

Rear pair has a depth of 3 inches and an overall length of 6 inches. These dimensions

do not include the fin tab which is 4 inches by 1/2 inch.

Front pair has a depth of 2-5/8 inches and a length of 5-1/4 inches.

Note that these are only the cardboard templates.

Wondering about other fins of this sort out there, and how they work.

Oh yeah, the center fin is a 5-1/2 inch “boomerang” fin by Fins Unlimited designed by Mike Eaton.

hi Plus One !

[mostly cardboard templates also, at THIS stage] These are some ‘in the pipeline’…

…THIS one I’ve ridden, though . (It’s a tinted and pigmented fibreglass runner … 3 7/8" base , 2 1/4" depth … )

cardboard templates

Most of the time I have ridden similar small ‘runners’ / keel mutants , as a 2+1 type setup . [ ie: small side fcs-tabbed runners with a 7 1/2" back fin . ] So far , in waves up to head high only . In the 5’11 prawn fish . A few times , I have had four runners with the same bigger back fin , and the setup felt good !!

Using the base moulding technique , I hope to ‘cant’ these runners / mini keel hybrid thingys , then tab them for use in my existing F.C.S. plugs , so that I can suss the ‘bonzer cant’ feeling .

To be continued …

Lokbox , Tom@ , Halcyon , Shipman , Blakestah , Edgefins, Finfection…“Shwuz” ?! [you still around buddy ?] …you guys probably have some bonzer runners too , yes ? I’d LOVE to see them …


three fin bonzer setups …


I’m here, chip! Just busy as a beaver. don’t worrry though, I’ll be rolling out some new eye candy in another week or two.

Glass-on bonzer runners courtesy of Moonlight

Thanks for the fin measurments everyone. Man P-1 and chip are re inspiring my indecisive self to do another bonzer…or maybe not…or i don’t know…so many decisions

I nominate Chip as most inspirational swaylockonian

nice fin templates guys…

Chipster, those really rad looking, here are some of my fin templates.

I stopped using fin systems and now only use glass-on fins for

all my personal boards

Twin, Bonzer, Twinzer, Twinzer and alternate side fin templates

Bonzer Fins ready to go.

Hey , THANKS !! for those guys , and the compliments . [ I think EVERYONE here who is trying new stuff is inspiring [to] me !!]

Hi Jarrod !! …GREAT to hear from you, mate ! Yours and Shippy’s stuff is always a welcome arrival …you guys together would be awesome as a team …just a pity there’s a few thousand miles between you… [and ZoSurf too !]

Speaking of whom …I’ve yet to try it out Paul , but THIS weekend , Sunday , all going well !! …for Hicksy’s 'Moonrocket" launching !

I’ll be taking up the keel you gave me , plus the winged keel . And …yes , I’ll endeavour to get a shot of “Rex” , giving it the once over ! [if only we could take him to the beach , and give him a go on the board , with the keel in it , and get a photo … [unfortunately, according to Grant , he just ain’t that kinda dog !! …mind you , he IS 56 human years old !!]


I’d like to use THIS as a back fin with the two green bonzer runners [one is on this thread]

ZoSurf’s generous gift … [12" base , 6" depth]

Ben1 , did YOU make these ?

…how many layers [of what oz cloth] please ? and , is that a light blue pigment you used ?

Or , are they foam cores , sprayed , perhaps ?

What dimensions are they please …base , depth , rake ?

cheers mate !


Here’s a photo of the center “boomerang” fin designed by Mike Eaton.

Bahne’s making me some more right now. I’ll get a good photo of one when I have the chance…

thanks George !

I have a shot of one my brother has …I’ll have to try and find it !!

How does the bonzer go with that as a back fin , compared with a more “traditional” bonzer back fin ? What are the differences you notice , if any ?

cheers mate !


wow im impressed… that is not the work of a back yard shaper thats the work of a pro…a person that did/do this type a thing for a living…those are clear fins are they plexi? white fins are they glass? you guys are good way over my head…

cool beans!!!..is that a greenough paddle fin???..im gonna build a 5’10 bonzer-kneeboard and probably gonna check out the greenough velo-template single-fin in the box…those paddle fins look interesting for sure…one day i will build a full on velo-bonzer!!! could you imagine the speed when it hits the 5th gear???

woops …sorry just saw the “boomerang fin”…mustve scrolled past it…