do u any of u guys have any Lis fish templates (dont no if thats the right word, design documents?, sketches, u get the point), retro fish templates (same as Lis or slightly different), swallow tail shortboard thrusters, and or 10+ ft. longboards. My priority is set on the lis fish and i would really appreciate if u guys could send me some links or files about the design so i can start shaping or give it to a local shaper who would do it for me and or help me out.




PM an address and I’ll send you a Lis template if you’d like. Mike

If the Yerba Buena in your handle indicates SF Bay Area, you’re welcome to come by my house and trace out some 10’-ish boards…I have 3 or 4 or 5 right around 10’…PM is interested.

Sorry, no fish, though. Vegetarian.

Search for "surfboard design and construction’ download it and there is a Lis fish complete template in there.