Is there anywhere besides greenlight surf, to get templates for shaping? maybe a site on the web? also is the a computer program that helps with this?


blendingcurves.com is also a good site for someone just starting

and the program is a CAD program called AKU shaper, Board cad, or any cad program will work


I think there's real value in making your first template the old fashion way, with a batten and some nails. John Carper demonstrates the technique in his shaping video, and/or you can watch Pat Curren build a template from scratch in Glass Love using a similar technique. Carper does it directly on the blank, while Curren does it on a wooden door skin. You'll learn a lot about curves and you'll plug into an age-old shaping tradition. Later, when you're trying to blend two slightly dissimilar templates into one smooth curve, you'll know exactly what to do. Its all about the curves....