Temporary Fin Fix...advice

I was given a retro Chuck Andrews HIC circa 1980’s 6’3" freestyle board in generally good shape. It even has a Honalulu Honda car dealership sticker on it. Its also got every floresent color on the rainbow.

Its missing the trailer fin. In the meantime I was going to clean up the cavity and just ride it without the trailer fin for a while until I got a fin to replace it. I have also been debating to replace the fin with a removable fin system as to a new glass on.

He’s the tech question. Have you guys ever used sugar in replace of Cabisol to thicken the resin for filling cavities? I currently do not have Cabisol on hand. Anyone have the experience?

In the back of my mind I know im rushing this (cause im heading to North Carolina next week) so maybe I should just wait and fix it with an actually fin. But thats besides the point.

Curious to here what you guys think.


DO NOT USE SUGAR. IT WILL WEIGH A LOT. SUGAR IS NOT A GOOD FILLER. Foam dust, Q-cell, or microballoons.

Howzit blakestah, Don’t forget Herb’s diaper filler. Aloha, Kokua

Some use sugar (very sparingly) to create the foam twinkle affect when doing repairs - and not as a thickener as said. 3m bubbles (lighter and sands easier) would be even be a better choice than cabosil but if you’re in a pinch, search 'diapers’ like Kokua said.

As for putting a fin on it – it just depends how far you want to deviate from it original design. I’d probably opt to glass one back on but putting an adjustable box in would not be a bad idea either. Decisions, decisions…

Best luck,HerbB

Don’t know for sure about weight…did this LONG time ago, but regular flour from the kitchen will bond with resin. I added “a bit of vee in the tail” to a very stiff board when I was a lad using flour and resin and it held up well. Also filled a couple dings that way. But like I said, long long ago. Try a test batch in dixie cup and check for weight…wack it around and test for strength