[…yep , that IS his REAL name !]


Photographer Bernard Testemale , has provided the photographic accompaniment to the text in the book


  " secrets to progressive surfing"

photo untitled_zps9b916a9d.pngphoto untitled1_zps87a24cb9.pngphoto progessive-surfing2_1024x1024_zps09b79fb5.jpg  photo CHAP5-OK-CS4-p108-10-ok_zpsab378e8e.jpg

  There are some absolute beauties in there … both photos and ,  real life** experience **advice !


  Have others here seen / read it ?


  I just scored it at the local library , just freshly delivered !


 … yewwww !  


 S T O K E D !

Cool - thnx 4 sharing. I’ll try to get my hands on a copy, meanwhile let us know what you think once you’ve finished it.