Texalium cloth


I’ve used the search engine with that word: TEXALIUM.

Found very few about it.

The reason why I ask about is because I recently saw a picture (http://www.harboursurfboards.com/boardarrivals/041026/041026_01.jpg) showing a texalium board deck.

I’ve seen some in shops but I likes what I saw on that picture.

Being french, I’ve asked on the french shaper’s forum (www.shaperoom.net) about that kind of cloth but got just a few answers.

Interesting anyway.

It seems that it’s an aluminium coated fiberglass, it’s available in natural alu color but also red or blue. Seems that it’s not a good idea to use it as a laminating cloth but as a patch cloth.

Do any of you have more infos about texalium:

  • weight

  • strengh

  • price

  • good and bad points


Available from Graphite Master, graphitemaster.com, in LA. Available in 4, 6, and 8 oz. Was developed for use in hockey sticks and is used today in numerous different composite products. Better strength to weight ratio and excellent for inlays. Used by Harbour, Yater, Channin and others. It is very stiff and I’ve never had the guts to actually lap it but I have seen it done.

Seeing as you are French, contact a company called Seabase France in Hossegor, and ask them about it. I know they use it on their boards which they manufacture in their sister company in the UK, and they have stock of it over there. Look at their website (seabase.ltd.uk) for the french office, otherwise call them over in the UK on +44 1637 875811.

As for weight, that is minimal, strength - it is no stronger than normal, just looks good. Laminates as normal so no problems there. Don’t know about price though. The ones I’ve seen look really good as a cloth nose design or patch.

Merci for answering, I keep searching.

It is a aluminium coated fiberglass, it’s available in natural alu color but also red or blue and also Gold, which by the way looks way cool. Cant really use it for a lap cloth, just a full board patch.

The streaght of the cloth is not any stronger then any other s or e glass out there, as I was told. I was told that there are companies that are trying to sell it as a metal Kevlar, but it is nothing like it. I have a price of $20.00 here in Los Angeles for 3 yards, but you have to buy 5 or more yards for that price.





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