Texas Wave Pool

Anyone know more about this? http://www.surfingthemag.com/pulse/04_15_04_surf_park/ http://www.surfingthemag.com/pulse/04_15_04_surf_park/

There are a number of people down here watching this develop, and hoping he finds a way to finance the real deal. Here is a link to James Fullbright’s site and ongoing chronicles what is happening. Follow the “Surf City” link. http://www.surfspecialties.com/

Sounds fun, but sounds like it would be an expensive trip. By the time you add hotels, food, transportation, wave pool entry fee,etc.,you’ve got yourself a nice little trip to Costa. With far less crowds, pure salt water, and no “thank you for enjoying our wave pool, our hours are from 10:00a.m. - 9:00p.m. Please return all surf mats. All-day passes can be purchased for $100.” No Thanks

I agree. Assuming this thing works, marketing it as a resort in competition with Fiji, Indo, Maldives is not the way I’d do it. I think the better biz model is to set these up in big coastal cities where there are lots of surfers who are wave starved (due to work commitments - crowds etc) don’t have much time, but have plenty of money. Places like Tokyo, Osaka, Perth, Brisbane - San Francisco? Charge them for each wave they ride - $5 a wave, whatever. You’d also get revenue for retail leases. I guess the country club/resort membership model has been chosen as a way of raising capital. I’ve seen costings for similar things that put the cost of the pools alone at $8m. http://www.surfingthemag.com/pulse/04_15_04_surf_park/