Textured Deck

I have a question involving having a textured deck on a board. I have done it a couple of times, but am not sure if I am correctly doing it. After I laminate the deck I would pour a hotcoat over the glass and then take a squegee to the resin. My question here is if it is best to hotcoat it then said and then add a whole other layer of glass on the deck and after squegeeing it would be then complete? It seems to me that the later of the two options would be the stronger of the two, because they way I did it the deck tends to be a little more on the weaker side. Overall I would not want to add to much extra weight. Does this make any sense? Thanks.

…I will try to post some pictures of what I am talking about as soon as I can


Sailboard builders use to add a non-skid finish doing a hot coat on deck and spreading immedately, and always BEFORE the hot coat starts to gel:

  • Foam dust (I’ve seen personally do it at Tarifa, with a scrap of Clark Foam in one hand and a sander in the other hand, just creating “snow” over the hot coat)

  • Rough sugar

  • Rough salt

  • White sand

  • Marble or any rock powder (from any local stone sculptor’s floor)

Then pull off the tape from the rails and let it cure. TA-DA!!!

Do your hotcoat with a big paint prush with white bristles and a plastic handle.sqeegee the lam but brush on the hot coat . tip to tail .rail to rail

I posted last year about a specific type of sealent w/fiber in it (I don’t remember the name - but I could find out if you can’t find the thread), and I spread that on the deck. It works great, I just did my new board with it, and I love it. Looks tippy, won’t melt, works for skin and wetties. Good luck

Vulkem 116 - Just found it.

True textured deck is layer of cloth saturated with hotcoat resin, squeegeed kinda dry, period.

Other’s are just non skid for bottom of feet, as it tears up wetsuits, as does a good textured deck.

Thanks for the quick replies. LeeDD, if you want a strong but not to heavy textured deck should you then put cloth down, hotcoat it, then sand it and then add a whole other layer of cloth which you tape inside the rails squegge it dry? It seems the way I have been doing it causes a weaker deck that pressures easier. THanks for the help.

oops forgot I had one more picture…thanks

Glass as normal…

Instead of hotcoat on deck, hot resin a coat of cloth, only squeegee LIGHTLY, so it’s not abrasive. Done, period.

Bottom, you still gotta hotcoat, sand, and seal with seal or gloss.

Yes. As Lee DD said. Also tape off deck about 1 1\2 inches in and hot coat as normal and do normal sanded or gloss finish. You want that bottom finish wrapping around the rails.