Thank you to anyone that has contributed wisdom to this site!

I have been an avid swaylocks fan and reader in a sorta outside, voyouristic way so the time has come that I just want to thank everyone that has contributed in any way, shape (no pun intender),or form to this magical website! I finally got dumped by the girlfriend and have made allies with my landlord lady that thinks surfing is just so “hip” and “cool” haha! who I charmingly convinced to pseudo-approve of my little venture I have conceived in my backyard just as long as it’s strictly “surfboards” and not a “meth lab” like she originally suspected haha! So because of sites like this, I have built this lil shaping/glassing room in my back yard and I have never been happier! Thank you once more, you don’t even know the impact this site has on people’s lives and how valuable it is, so please don’t stop contributing ! I’m now on board 18 and I can finally shape,glass and sand in relative peace now just as long as my neighbors are at work and not home ! Yeww!!!

Woo hoo!
I like the bottom picture

nice post, love to see more pics!

Did your girlfriend object to you building boards? What was her beef?

I’m not really sure! I think I heard her voice her displeasure about the smell of resin when I’d laminate and do the hot coat stuff, but I’m sure she complained about lots of things relating to My board building lair , but I never really paid attention to her anyway, so her absence is welcomed! Although She was somewhat decent at shhooting video and pictures of me and my friends surfing so that is the only Inconvienience thus far is now I Have to manipulate/convince someone else into doing that for free ! Ha