thank you

a token of my appreciation to the man responsible for everything I’ve learnt / am learning about this whole wack computer world biso…

one Kim Gillespie…[any relation, Gil ?]

taken at Lancelin on New Years Day . Small, hot, [100 fahrenheit] , clean , and HEAPS of fun !!

For those wondering about Kim’s tuberiding style, THIS is how a 38yo with a buggered up back knee, and a real dodgy front ankle [thanks, lacrosse ! ] manages to crouch.

He’s out giving it a crack whenever there’s a whiff of a wave…that’s the MAIN thing !!

And yes, he’s fit…trains lacrosse [and coaches teams] five times a week, plays a weekend game, and has a family. As well as a five day a week 10 hours a day job. I dips me hat to the surf-stoked older grommet , kaygee !