thanks 'beerfan' , thanks 'the fish exp' !!

parcels received this week


  beery the fin looks GREAT !!


  i currently have it in the mal , along with two green runners


  yep , i have the template you sent ...did you need / want those made ?


  cameron , the plug is interesting ...depending how strong it is , i "may" install one in my next board [and give one to simon for those heaving .....pits he gets this time of year [i forgot to it to him while he was here]


  your templates are certainly different , mate ...i've put them on a coupla 'kong's island panels i've made [the red background / white starry inlay ones ]....i hope you can use them !!


well, thanks again for the pressies guys !







Glad to hear you gof the stuff mate!. If you can, some double foiled fins in that template would be sweet!. No rush mate, just when/if you can.


Enjoy the fin!!

hiya Mark !!


  i currently have two CLEAR ones , layed up and foiled very thin , and just slightly foiled on the EDGES of the inside edge. they are fcs tabbed ....


  do you like thin / flexy twinnies ??


  if you like , i'll send them anyway ....


  if you don't like them , just send them back eh , and i'll send you some thicker twinnies [different template ?] i have laying around here

...twinnie-sized sideys are something i actually have a fair few of , but i mainly am using small thruster sideys most of the time , or even smaller 2+1 / 'widowmaker' setup type fins ...[like , 3x3 and 3x4 , and 4x4 sized , a lot of the time [that's dinosaur measurements [inches] not cms , by the way ...]


  anyways , thanks for your reply and let me know what you think /  anything else you would like , eh ?


  cheers !



 two CLEAR ones , layed up and foiled very thin , and just slightly foiled on the EDGES of the inside edge. they are fcs tabbed ....

No worries, i'll give em a go!!

CHEERS , Mark !! 

.... Your  ' Wavegrinder ' fin arrived in the post today , while I was out surfing !! ....







  IF the waves stay good again tomorrow , I'll whack it in the 9'4" mal [ the surf is a bit too small , and fat at the moment , for the 6'1 " 'orange stub' , unfortunately ! ]

  I'll be sure to let you know how it went , and also I'm very keen to ride it in a shortboard , as you recommended ...


.....hopefully I'll get the right day , some time during the next few weeks ??  [you know me .... I'm always keen to try out different fins ... ESPECIALLY box single fins , as I don't make them , and I enjoy singleys quite a bit , from time to time !]


  Well, I SURE had some reaaaalllly FUN waves today , and also on sunday arvo ....yewwwww !!!


....cheers !



sunday 24th july , 2011 ....4.30-5.55pm [nearly dark]


waves ....  empty . slightly nor-norwest . [waist high mainly,  but ...with the odd freak head high bomb ??  [of which i caught two !]


  test ride... 9'4" mal


fin ....10 3/4" up from the tail  [ yikes !! ....the furthest up i have EVER had a single fin !]


   waves caught ...10  


7 rights ,


3 lefts....


  impressions ...


  my first right , all the way to the beach ....yewww !!  [it ended up being my best wave , all evening !  often the way with me , for some reason ?? ....]


  it was r ibcage high , a nice right with a run to it , breaking off a rip .

  the takeoff felt really nice , a 45 degree angle in , then , a delayed bottom turn , a crouch trim / glide , another bottom turn , and a puffy rollercoastrer type end "manouevre" ,  as the wave ended up in very shallow water !


 the fin ....


  it felt FAST !


  i was a bit concernened with such a narrow base , and such a lack of rake , that it would lack drive . it certainly is a pivotal turn type fin !


  i think , on a shorter board , with much less than at LEAST 8 1/2 foot of rail in the water [!!] , that it will become clearer what is the fin's performance , as opposed to the rail's hold , during tuns .


  on one of my lefts , i definately noticed the same feeling off the top backhand i have previously experienced with the other winged tip fins i have ....the cheyne horan winged keel / "star fin" , and the smaller 'red tip' type [but finboxed] template i also use ...specifically , unless the wave has a lip that is a bit powerful / throwing out , i often feel a loss of speed / hangup in thelip .


i experienced the same sensation with 'surfoils' 'cornchip' side fin attachments on my G3 side fins too....


 .... that said , though , i have YET to ride any of these fins in a 6-6'3 narrower , and more rockered thruster ...if i did , the results may well  be different , for sure ...especially in good , head-high , hollow waves ...bring it on !!


  one pigdogged left felt REAAAALLLY fast , mark ! 


 .....i'd like to have some  video footage , though , because you know how when you get older your mind can play tricks on you ?  eg:  you think you are going fast , and "ripping like curren" ,  or something , but then when you actually get to watch the footage ...well, it kinda looks like you've got the handbrake on ??  [or am i the ONLY one on sways , EVERYBODY else here really DOES rip , except me ??  who knows eh ?  ...that's just "one of life's little mysteries" , perhaps , eh ?!]


  anyways , mark , thanks again for the fin ...i'm hoping to get it out there again soon [schoolies have gone back now , yay !] and when i do , i'll update here ...


  cheers !





Sweet ben, its an odd fin, but a good one. Not sure i'd surf it all the time, but something to bust out now and then for something completely different.

" Sweet ben, its an odd fin "





the fin ....


yep , i'll probably use it in under head high


 .....and , when it's bigger , i'll hopefully get to try it out in the 6'1" orange  stubbie , but probably with little stabiliser side fins too !! [and it won't be far up from the tail pod in THAT sized board , trust me !]


 'sweet ben' haha ha others would beg to differ ....[although, having said that ..... when my er  'fb'  [that could be 'facebook' ,  for the purposes of "this family programme"  heh heh ]  wants it , she usually trots out the "hellllloooooo sweeeeettttt ben"  line ... it works every time , too !  ha !]



  [ just 'ben'  will do , thanks !  tee hee hee ]