thanks for all being friends

as I age it is important to know frendily people

friends,to quote the girl scout song

make new friends

but keep the old

one is silver

the other GOLD.

nothin like breakin’ new ground

now I start to find out

what its like to be 59

aloha from waipouli


used to not be on the map

like cardiff…

Does this mean that this day on the calender is the day of your birth 59 years ago? If so, enjoy it! If not, enjoy it!




so you tell me, poet

does that put you

out on the shoulder

or, in the shack

of this wave called Life?

Howzit Ambrose, As a long time friend I want to wish you a Happy 59th Birthday, I turned 59 on July 21st. Good friends are hard to come by but I know you have met and made many friends over the years.Aloha,Kokua

ambrose - mi casa es su casa, amigo…

in fact

59 puts me in deep

in the impact zone

penetrating where

no ambrose living

or dead has gone


just spent the morning roughing two

pre iniki Iggy 13’1’’ pan-am blanx

contemplation of potential is drawing

to a close.nose and tail additions

are imminent

pretenders beware


has breached

the horizon

and only homer

knows what happens

next not an ad

not a hype

cowabunga to share


stoke has been

corperate licenced

oh yeah and on the mat

for the drippless glide

All the best you ya on your 59th. I never miss a post of yours.

Swamp murk - so, Ambrose, you’re six years and a week, more or less, my senior?

The thanks, if any are due, go the other way, for all your kind words and thoughtful comments.

My warmest regards, and Feliz Navidad. As your sommelier, I suggest a nice amber Anejo rum and mebbe a Banana Split. Don’t forget to saute the bananas in sweet butter, with a dash of sugar, a wee bit of sweet butter and some fresh ginger and of course some of that anejo. Save a skosh of rum for the whipped cream.

All my best


“Happy Birthday” with “Aloha”

From the Moores

Ken, Denise, Chrissy, Kim and Nicholas

Happy Birthday! That has to be one of your best, you must have saved up those sweet ones! This is my all-time favorite line so far: “contemplation of potential is drawing to a close. nose and tail additions are imminent”. I love that one.

Howzit doc, Did you know you wished Ambrose Merry Christmas, got a laugh out of that one. Next time try Feliz Cumpleanos (spelling). Aloha,Kokua

(chuckling ) Well, yes, I did, just thinking of the Spanish class I took, prolly around the time of the Conquistadores.

Plus, hey, if anybody rates an extra Xmas, it’s Ambrose Curry III

Best regards and


Howzit doc, I just got a good laugh out of it and since I’m older than Ambrose and you are about 6 years younger than us then I must have taken Spanish pre-Conquistadores, But them again I grew up in Southeast L.A. with lots of the boys in the hood. I do agree Brother Brose deserves an extra Xmas greeting since he’s on a permanent holiday anyways.Aloha.Kokua

Do what makes you happiest…

…My Friend.

Aloha ,Brose



Yeah Ambrose…

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday too.

I love ya man!

Grand Poo Bah of words and wisdom…Master Yoda of stoke…Father to children of the swaylocks family…Hope you were blessed with a warm brilliant sunrise on your birthday…Seen it here too…

Happy Birthday,


“I am not a Jedi yet…”

all the best for your birthday, ACIII, some things (like us?) get better with age.

Happy Birthday, Ambrose, and have a Merry Christmas, too. Shalom Mike

a little late, but nonetheless: Happy Birthday .you are a gem…