Thanks for the help

Im very grateful for the help from everyone, the board looks like five fins would work. To be on the safe side though Im going to put in fin boxes and go from there, going to do some research on the bonzer. ive got four boards shaped and I just focused on my tucked under edge, rail bands and paying attention to foil. I tell you the truth i shaped three boards 6-7 years ago that put me at 15-16 and i did it all in my parents garage. Well after those three boards i got kicked out of the garage cause i got foam everywhere and stunk the house up. So i built a shop in my backyard, and LIGHTS are EVERYTHING.So a shop and a little more patience the boards are going very good.SIX years cause i run a furniture shop with my Dad and free time is very limited. Itching to surf those long points with some local knowledge, im hoping a train this summer.ANy where is better than jersey in july. BUt i LOVE the Garden State. Trev