Thanks Mike

I think i speak for everyone here. Thank you very much for all of the time and energy you have put into our site. I am totally digging the new format, change is good. The last week or so was rough, but i was fortunately able to study for finals so everything worked out. Your good deeds have earned you lots of points that are redemable for empty barrels. Thanks. Darren

Ditto’s Mike. I know how tough this has been on ya…Looks great…Spel chek to! Like moving into a new house. Same family, new paint. Darren, just finished up a edgy fish platter. Pictures on Friday. Huzzzza

Thank you very much. I appreciate all of your hard work in getting this thing going again. It looks great!

Its funny how we humans get into routines…I felt a bit lost everyday…no swaylocks to check out…

Needless to say I’m pleased.


Yeah Mike, A BIG thank you.

Awesome Mike. What more can I say… Other than: Thanks for all your hard work.

What they all said…thanks much


yes i hope this can be the start of a new era for swaylocks. sort of lost the spritit of things for a while there but this new board should be so much better.

Wow I dont know what to think, both BBs i frequent changed this week.

Great job, I missed this place

Yes, THANK YOU. I happened to be turned onto this site after it went “down” and have spent my last 4 days reading the archives until my eyes fell out…Thanks for getting it back up.

thanks for all your efforts mike

good to see things are back up. looks great.

Mike. I too would like to thank you for all your time and effort.

Thank you Platty. (David Platt)

ditto, welcome back swaylocks and loyal supporters,


You have made a great site even better…now us swayaholics can get our daily (sometimes hourly) fix…THANKS!!!


Thanks Mike.

Outstanding job !! Surfer bb should take a lesson from you on a seemless transition and good looking board software.

Thanks Mike, looks great.


Awesome job! Thank you for all the efforts you put into this for us.

Herb Bean

Thanx Mike,

The forum is set-up real well and the simple directions along with the forum rule make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately I spelled my handle wrong when I signed up.

Is there a way I can get the c and y transposed to get it right?

A fresh start like this will bring on all kinds of new wrinkles.

Kudos, Rich

“Custom Finmaker”


Thanks Mike! This new format is awesome!