Thanks to everyone involved at the Foam E-Z Party!

Here is a huge thanks to all the people involved in our Party/Event this past Saturday. I think everyone will agree it was a huge success. It was kind of like a mini Sacred Craft Expo but with a huge FREE raffle, Future Fin box install demo, UV Glassing Demo by Dave at Revchem, and free food/refreshments. We also had a band rolling throughout the day, thanks to Tucker and Marms from the McMurphy Project. There was so much stuff given away at the raffle it’s hard to list it all so I’ll just thank the vendors: Kim and Jeff at US Blanks, Marko Foam, Greg Loehr from Resin Research, Graphite Master, Revchem/Comp Resource (Dave and Crew), Future Fins, FCS Fins, ProBox Larry, Bettis Surfboards/Aloha Glassing (Steve), Line-Up Surfboards (Jack Sykes), Stamps Surfboards, Nine lights Wooden Boards (Jeffrey), Sol Sunguard (Jackson), Nate, Kiri and crew from Perry’s Pizza, Kitty and Daryl at Surfrider, Rich and Bert from Harbour Surfboards, Ocean and Earth, and Terry from Cerritos College. I also want to thank all the people who attended (customers, friends, etc) it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Last but not least, the great employees at Foam E-Z, those guys worked their asses off.

If you were at the party please post and let everyone know what it was like, please post some pics if you have them.

Here is a link to a nice slide show Surfrider sent us:…current=1dd917e6.pbw .

Check out the full album for more pics

Stay tuned as we are planning to follow up some cool events.

Thanks again-


AAHHH…Sheet !

Did I sleep thru the party ?


Had a great time…you need to do this more offen or at least every year !

I’M REALLY PROUD of Brad Nydell,and his accomplishments…Good going ,my man !


I was there and had a great time. I couldn’t believe it. I Won a full board kit! Brad is the man.

Everybody was cool. Some nice boards by Line-up, Bettis, Stamps, Harbour.

I met Herb.

Larry from Pro-Box totally hooked me up with great advice on box placement and fins.

Only bummer was I couldn’t tell who the Swaylockers were. I’m guessing there were at least a few.

Good times. Surf people are good folk.


Great to see you and thanks for the good words. You forgot to mention all the stuff you won at the raffle! I hope it wasn’t the tickets Kensurf gave you that had the winning numbers? None the less thanks for coming and representing the Swaylocks faithful. How did you like the Quad that was being demo’d? Kinda looked like one of your oldies. You making a big wave board?

Talk to you soon-


Here’s a little video clip of our UV polyester resin glassing demo. I wish I had more footage since there was so much good info and so many great questions. Thanks to Dave at Revchem and the sun for the killer glass job he did in one hour.


Bought a 7-1A for 30 bucks off the US Foam van.

I’m building a middie perfomance board for myself out of that.

And yes,I’m building a big wave gun out of that 8-5A I bought from you.

I want to replace my old 8-1 that I left/destroyed in hawaii in the winter of 06.

My 8-1 was my fav all timer,and miss it very much.

Pretty much gave up on surfing,because I couldn’t find a blank to fit the bill…


Going to give some more headaches this summer out at riv on the big souths…of course…you of all people should know how that goes.

BTW…The blank I cut for my ol 8-1 was bought from you back in 2000.

I’ll show it to ya when it’s done.

I liked the Quad very much,and yes,it looks just like one of my old late 70s Quads…It took everything not to steal it off the racks…lol.

See you around soon…Herb

Hi Herb, Sorry I missed you at the FoamEZ party. Would have enjoyed to meet you in person. Look forward to meeting you some day and also look forward to meeting some of the Swaylockians I chat with and support the ProBox Movement.


Ryan, Was nice meeting you (-: I enjoy talking with people who have so much energy in experimenting and creating new things. Thanks for your support and keep up the STOKE.


Brad, Grant and Rob, Great job and alot of fun. Keep up the STOKE and Thanks for your support to the ProBox Movement. Looking forward to your next PARTY.


Larry, the pleasure was all mine. You really helped me focus my plan.

Speaking of which, I gotta get over to Foam E-Z to buy that GT Quad set.

Thanks for the help.