I believe I found what I was looking for re. Fat Penguin concept. Many thanks to all, I will keep you up to date on developments. The first board will be about 6’9" and there will be a longboard finbox. This is to try out a lot of different fin designs. However, on side fins my gut feeling is the Red-X system, but do you think the swivel fin system is worth a try. Basically the question is what do you reccommend, changing the toe angle or the longetudinal setting??

Having the ability to change toe and cant can only be of an advantage to you. Good luck with the FP…its a rather radical concept.

howzit Simon, the fact that Hanalei is the home of the Edge Fin system means we see and hear alot about how it works. It’s a known fact that by changing the fins position it can turn a somewhat doggy board into a magic board. We are seeing more and more requests for this fin system to be installed on custom boards. Try it, you might like it. Aloha, Kokua

Do you have a website?? I am interested in all new ideas. Simon