That's what SHE said...

OK - I got a blank that is listed in the Clark catalog as a 9’9", the marking on the blank says 9’9" – yet it’s really only a 9’6" blank. (even says so if you read the fine print in the catalog, the “top length” is 9 foot 6 and a half inches). True enough after I sawed one inch off the tail, when I measured the board it was only 9’5"… now, I’m OK with making a 9’4" out of this blank, but WHY DO THEY LIST IT AS A 9’9" ??? just curious… PS if a woman ran the company, would this happen?

shoulda measured it yourself when you picked it up

OK, how about a poll? How many of you guys carry a tape measure and actually measure each blank you buy? Anybody? like I said, I don’t care if it turns out to be a 9’4" because I’m making it for myself and I don’t think a couple inches matters that much on a longboard. But I do think it’s weird that they call the blank a 9’9" when it’s not even close to that…

Keith, Almost none of Clark’s blanks are exactly the same as the designation. In the catalog they state the maximum length you can expect to get out of each blank. My question is, why didn’t you measure it first? “Measure twice, cut once”, is a good rule of thumb.

Clark’s daughters do run the company from what I am told. Anthony

If they come every week , just return it for anada one. My tape is always with me.

If they were measuring the bottom it might be 9’9", although it is rather misleading. Kind of weird though, as I noticed that the blanks are usually longer than the stated measurement.

Anthony, Grubby has a daughter and two step daughters and they don’t run the company. The General Manager of Clark Foam is a female though, her name is Kim.

Just make a 9’4 instead you dont have to do as many steps up the board to noseride.

Hey DT – you at least got my point. Is a half gallon of milk allowed to be 1.8 quarts? duh…I don’t think so. In any other business it might be considered false advertising to sell a 9’9" that’s only 9’6"… but whatever. I don’t worry about it, from my perspective the 9’4" I’m making will work the same as the 9’6" or 9’8" I might have made. PS I should be in Hawaii later this month. Maybe I’ll give you a call if I can find your number. We’ll be at Makaha but certainly will come into town a few times. Aloha, K

Some people still live by the old adage " I cut it twice and it’s still too short!"

Keith, In case u lost my # its 808-225-9037.

Great, I’ll give you a call around the end of the month & hopefully we can get out for a surf…

yea you gotta use the catolog to check what the specs actually are… they are usually not what it says on the blank size i dunno why tho.,., jus tsomethig you get used to . dong really gotta measue it jsut gotta look in the book and see what its actually supposed to be