The 1962 Hobie

A couple of years ago I asked for some help on here and received a lot of good advice as well as a name to contact, one Danny Brawner.

Dan turned out to be really gracious and helpful and mailed me the template for the original fin that had been removed many years ago.

Here’s a link to the story c/w pics for your perusal.

Thanks again to those who steered me in the right direction.

Hoping you all have a great 2017 too!!

Take care.

The Phil Edwards Hobie came out in late 1963. Not sure who told you 1962, but that is wrong.
Also, here’s a pic of an original Edwards model fin for comparision’s sake.

Beautiful board and very cool story. Hope you’re going to surf it. Mike

got one
PE that is…
Rides so good…
In 63 for the skilled surfer…
(I had to wait a while)
Nothing was finer!

Love it!! Nice photo on the homepage as well…

I’ve got number 200. You can’t see the “2” in the photo but the impression from the typewriter is there. Fin is the same.

So then this is wrong?

From the Encyclopedia of Surfing

“In 1962, firmly established as the industry leader in a small but booming market, with newly licensed Hobie Surfboard dealerships in San Diego, Honolulu, and Peru, Alter tore down his original Dana Point building and rebuilt with larger shaping facilities and a 1,200-square-foot, 150-surfboard display area. He began to heavily promote an all-star team of surfers that included Phil Edwards, Joey Cabell, Joyce Hoffman, Gary Propper, and Corky Carroll (all of whom had signature model boards, another Hobie innovation), and expanded rapidly on the East Coast, licensing the Hobie name to nearly 20 dealers.”

In addition, I knew everybody involved with this board, given to Jim for his 16th. Birthday in August 1962.
Danny Brawner confirmed it and he was there from 1962 until 1989 and has a ton of old records stashed away.
Despite the number 409 this board was from the first big run Phil Edwards shaped as can be discerned by the material used in the label, according to Danny.

So the guy who got the board in 1962, the parents who bought him the board in 1962 and his sister who recalls him getting the board in 1962 as well as the Shop Foreman for Hobie at that time must be all wrong in order for you to be right.

I dunno…I just might stick with my sources over your memory in this case.

Take care.

In 1965, I shaped for Hobie. Phil Edwards’ shaping racks were next to mine, on my left. The racks to my immediate right were occupied by Terry Martin. The decal you displayed was the same as the decals in use in 1965, on the Phil models. The shop foreman, in 1965, was Bosco Burns. I know all of this, because I was there.

“Hobie Surfboards introduced the Phil Edwards signature model surfboard in 1963”
Considering the lower the number the earlier.
My poor old Phil is #719, gonna have to rethink when this one was made.
Photo 1
Shit I was thinking 63 for gee, 40 years!
I am so stoked on the PE that I made one a few years ago.
Photos 2 & 3
Now I am entertaining making one more.
Only thing…
The stringers!
So why not do something like this
In the “day” there was a photo of Phil backside at Cottons.
Photo 4.
Look at that board the stringers are unique.
I think, maybe that’s the first.
Maybe full of shit, who knows for sure.
If you can date photo 5 (from Hobies book).
That board he is holding is special, no….
I am just a fool for the classic Hobie look!
Photo 6
Eh, go surf that thing!

The photo of Phil going backside, was taken @ Yokohama Bay. Behind him, and cropped out of the picture, was Mike Diffenderfer. That ALWAYS stuck in Diff’s craw. But, that is a beautiful example of Phil’s graceful form.

Does anyone have this Edwards D glass-on template to share, please (?) and thanks (!)
I am looking for base length, fin depth, straight-on side view, general observations about thickness and foil.
I just made a couple tapered wood glue-ups, learning to cut wedges.
I thought this would be a nice thing to try.
Post up here, send a PM…I could also send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope for the young folks) if an honest to goodness tracing is your pleasure.

I have a couple reverse D templates. PM me your address.

Dave, PM sent, thanks!

On original models from the early-mid 60s, was the center stringer 1" and flanked by 1/2" stringers? Phil told me he added multiple stringers to his boards to increase the weight of a foam board. Form follows function.

3/4th inch center stringer, 1/4th inch offset stringers.