The Aquatic Ape

Any thoughts on the article by Miki Dora in the new Journal? All materials must be ozone friendly and biodegradable? Longest ride contest at 8’ J-bay? No logos, traction pads, colors, leg ropes? Single fin only? This a contest I’d like to see. What do y’all think about it?

sounds like fun im in!!!

…Let’s see… …Wood frame and skin…Epoxy resin(low VOC)…Fiberglass …Self -built… …Does that qualify…???

Close Paul, but I recall that Miki specified organic materials. I’d say the inflated bladder of a large animal could win the contest. Making it would be a mess though. The reed surf vehicles from Peru would be easier to build but I don’t know if they could handle that wave for very long. Paipo boards would be used by the less inventive contestants but would fare well. Then Mark Cunningham would just swim out and win the thing with the least effort. Did Miki allow us to purchase tools or do we have to make them too? Rob Olliges

The challenge Dora posed to get back to exclusively using “purer”, organic materials may be in practice just as dangerous as using the synthetic materials that are prevalent today. Imagine, for example, that all shapers began using animal bladders to make boards. Sure, the pollution created by the industry would be greatly decreased. However, we’d have another environmental disaster on our hands. If a couple million surfboards were manufactured annually, that would mean the slaughtering of at least an equal number of animals. Of course this example is on the extreme side. However, the same principle holds true for a more practical manufacturing process that makes use of a core material like balsa. In this way, I felt Dora missed the mark. Although the problems he recognizes, including the lack of diversity in modern surfboard design and the use of environmentally damaging materials in the surfboard manufacturing process, need to be addressed, the implications of the solution he presents may not be all that desirable. Perhaps I am missing something, but that was my take on The Aquatic Ape.

Do a google search for “aquatic ape” it’s a very interesting theory and one that resonates well with surfers. Once again Miki’s pushing us to think differently. This link has a concise overview BTW, Just saw “Surfers: The Movie.” Great look back at the 80’s and an unusually candid Miki Dora. ( RIP Miki

Here are the parameters as outlined by Miklos S. Dora: 1) Miklos S. Dora retains total control. 2) To take place at Jeffries Bay, South Africa, with a minimum size of 8’. 3) A refundable reliability bond of $200. 4) All entry monies matched by Miklos S. Dora. 5) No judges, only a few official referee-estimaters. 6) A down-the-line speed test, going for distance. Point A to point B, the longest distance in the fastest time. 7) Must ride for at least 200 yards. 8) All applicants must contruct their own equipment from start to finish, with written notations on the entire procedure. 9) Video of the important steps in the production are required as a reference for authentication. 10) All equipment must be ozone friendly and biodegradable. 11) Absolutely no petrochemical products may be used in any of the construction. 12) No fluorocarbons or other harmful chemical processes. 13) Nothing that might affect the physical growth and development of natural organisms. 14) Board length cannot exceed 9’-6". 15) The tail must square off at 10". 15) Single fin only. 16) No logos whatsoever, and no endorsements. 17) No artificial devices to help keep the rider from slipping- wax only. 18) No colors. 19) Only natural fibers may be worn by the rider. No visible labels, no wetsuits, boots, gloves, etc. 20) No leg ropes. 21) All subsidies, aid, support, patronage, endowments, donations or sponsorships must be privately obtained with written proof. 22) No government monies involved in any way, whether state, local or federal. 23) No substance testing. 24) No tents, food stalls, rock music, T-shirts, judging stands, bull horns, groupies, pretenders, etc. 25) Every entrant is entirely responsible for their own entity. 26) No disputes, one victor.

Build the board out of cork.No sealer really needed. R.B.