The Art of Wanking

That’s a pretty nice wood-inlay in your floor, Sirwanksalot…

This guy has only shaped about 6 boards and he’s making templates (and boards) like that already. Now if he could only find his thing in the dark without a flashlight…

There’s way too much porn in your TV cabinet Sir WAL…

Nice outline. What’s going on in the last foot or so of the tail?

MR just called. He wants his template back.

Looks like an Al merrick Sashimi


MR just called. He wants his template back.

Best ever, Mike.

Wrong number. Inspired by D.T. Same ol’ shit anyway. I’ll give Simon my $5 then he’ll pass it to Malcolm then he’ll pass it to …

And here’s a George Costanza inspired quote, “The jerk store called and they’re out of you.”

nice sir wal !

…how big is it ?!

[no no , i mean the BOARD]

will it be eps / epoxy ?

and …

how many fins ?

fcs ? [ i have FINS , you know !]

i look forward to seeing the finished board , mate

" bam bam " … classic … wellll…it beats ‘wank wank’ , i guess ?

cheers !


that came out great S.W.A.L.

love the pinline. it really sets the two yellow off.

what are the dims? looks really fun and skatey

6’0 x 20 3/8 x 2 3/8. A lot learned and much more to learn.

nice wanking wanks

Wanks very much for sharing. And don’t forget to use your left hand when the right one gets tired. Even better still, put your planer down first. Wank on!

nice board sir wanks, cool template too.

nice board ben !

good on ya mate !

DID you use eps and epoxy ?

or polyurethane and polyester ?

did bambam help ya glass it ?

also …

how wide are the



tail tip to tip


how far up is the wing ,

please ?

so …

fins …

what would you like ?

cutaway keel ?

keel [a small one] ?

gpr ?

twinzer set ? [for when you put in either a ‘supercharger’ front fin option plug] , or two BACK plugs ?

…how far from the tail are the twinnies at the moment ?

…i especially LOVE the aussie / auslocks colour choice , mate !!~

…shall i make aussie flag material inlay fins for it , perhaps , instead of the hemp inlay ? [hopefully you won’t smoke an aussie flag fin , eh ?]

keep up the good work wanksa ! [i al;most missed this thread now you renamed it ?!!]



…i 'm so pleased to see people here posting photos of boards and fins again ! … now , if we can have some riding reports , too …then sways will be getting back to what it is [in my opinion , anyway] meant to be all about…]

Nose is 14 Tips are 5 5/8 Wings are at 8 1/8 Fins are at 10 1/4 Tail is 15. If I remember correctly the rocker is something like 4 1/2 in the nose and 1 5/8 in the tail. I could be completely wrong about the rocker and it’s raining now so I can check tomorrow. This was the first shape that came out clean enough for a tint. Bammbamm watched the poor performance with the bottom lam and made me mime out the process and coached me through the deck lam. Also the cutlaps, paste, hotcoat and pinlines. I got to watch him sand it. I need to buy him lunch a few times for not allowing me to murder it with the sander. Going through the process of a color board is more tedious than a clear but there defiantly more of a sense of accomplishment. And Yellow is the easy color! I can’t wait to try a different color tint but I’ll first work on getting the technique for laminating down.

thanks ben

…did you see the article on akila aipa’s twinny’s in the recent ‘surfing’ ?

he made some good design points , i thought !


will / would you consider adding a coupla more plugs at a later date , i wonder ??

let me know about the fins eh ben , i have a few i’d like you to try , if you like ?



…"bammbamm " , you are an officer and a gentleman for helping Ben out … I SALUTE you , sir ! [good on you for sharing the TRUE Swaylocks spirit !]

Wow S.W.A.L looks like you really pulled it off this time