the best fin ever???

. . Or so they say.  

It’s three fins in one!  Maybe not so good for those kelpy days, but looks interesting. I dub it the Thrinity.

Eh guys!

Provocative ACE!

Nice to see you are keeping a finger on the pulse.

@ Huck know your thinking, fins…

Fins, that is exacly what “sucked me back in”.

I saw this a while ago.

And it stood out.

To me, a Velzy rip.

And I do have experience with these types of fins.

Velzy “V”  45 degree

“Butterfly” 30 degree

I made this one in 1981 as an answer to Simon’s thruster.

The foil as to be spot on or lift or suction will happen.

I made board way back and rode that board in the Islands and up and down the Cali coast.

Funny, never thought about throughing it into a stall!

As I began again (fins) I made (what I thought) different stuff.

With his new one I did (through a stall)  I could feel the lift

and zoom. Kinda gave up on it.

 1. Hurts like Hell

 2. Damn funny tryin’ to stall in the barrel!

As always the jury is out…

they should take this thing to ‘shark tank’ hahaha

Ace ace, ace… Surely you are aware that everything that happened more than 15 years ago didn’t happen…??

In order to recycle old ideas for the Youth market without the effort of invention but confidence in the performance, the promotions vehicle rehashes ancient history as creation. The ‘Youth’ market goes straight from Ninja Turtles to MMA these days.

Doesn’t matter if it sucks because if it sells, its a winner for that season, and then on to the next season. That’s why the rotation of successful ideas and icons gets faster every year…it’s only just past Xmas but we’re already  inundated with Easter eggs.

Has anyone thought of Twin Fin  surfboards ?


 Very insightful.

That was innovative Matt.

What I find interesting here is the attempted application of modern technology to solve a surfboard design problem, after Wilkes’ initial trail-and-error approach with this fin failed back in 1991. It appears that his current design was carefully brought through several iterations, using CAD and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation to model different foils, different AOA, and different templates, with the goal of achieving the least drag/greatest speed and the most beneficial lift. But then, I have a WaveGrinder somewhere that was developed in a similar hi-tech manner, and boasted similar gains. Unfortunately, I was never able to realize those gains…so in my fin drawer it sits. Wilkes may be on to something more functional than any similar predecessor, but "the best fin ever”?…well, time will tell.  Given its US$170 price, that could be quite a while.

What is it they say , dont knock till you try it . the fins biggest drawback may be its price .

Price is always a factor. I have enough trouble adding a $60.00 custom made fiberglass fin that has proven succesfull for decades to the cost of a board. I have tried simular types of fins to the one mentioned with mixed resualts. Not that fin. If they want to send me one I would try it and give honest feedback. But where I surf ‘‘the salad bowl’’ there is a lot of kelp and winged type of fins really become kelp magnets. 

BillT,  I’m sure I’ll live long enough to see your Twingles ‘invented’.

 I made a copy from your instructions and it’s great to ride. 

Only a matter of time before it becomes the setup de jour.

Yeah it’s sad, because most of them are willing to pay more for an FCS set without realizing that the shaper of the board has better insight on which fin would work best.

The power of marketing

just another solution in search of a problem…

More power to him, hope it does well but the footage of the guy surfing did not seem that inspiring, looked a little slow and difficult in turns.

I think Surffoils may be onto something with his twin fin idea, Revolutionary.

What we need is some computer modeling, some mombo jumbo about flex, a celebrity endorsement and carbon, loads of carbon, if thats not enough perhaps an unobtainum core, maybe mention of an old crusty dude who shaped balsa in a shack in the woods with a drawknife as the concept originator, these Twofins as I have rebranded them will sell like space cakes at a hippy love in!

Did i mention we need carbon…

One crusty old dude shaping balsa twin fins a long time ago at your service. 

Damn Hippies

Primative outline, draw knives and lava rocks…

Love that pic Ace, we can use it to market our twofins to those cashed up hipsters, your work is always inspiring.

Send me the $$$$$$$$$.