the best way to tack on a fin before glassing?

What is the best way to tack on a fin before you are going to glass it? thanks. corb.

Hot glue gun…Two drops…

The glue gun method is not the best way. Being in the surfboard glassing/repair business for over 10 years, I have noticed that in the past few years,since people started using the hot glue, I never see a broken glass-on without a huge delam left behind. The glue never completely hardens, it stays kinda soft. I’ve felt glass-ons on new boards and can feel a slight overall wiggle to the fins. This causes the surrounding glass to start to pull up and delam, meanwhile cracks start to form in the finrope because everything is moving a little. Pretty soon the fin busts out and because the glass has been pulling up slowly,it takes the foam underneath it with it. Use laminating resin to tack fins on, and don’t try to cut corners(your only saving a few minutes). The fins will ride more solid, and if you do hit something real hard, the fin will break off clean making the repair waaayyy easier,

Howzit STL,A little trick I use for glass on fins is after I tack on the fin with hot glue I apply coat of resin about 1/2 inch wide around the base of the fin. This will give a better attachment to the board. Aloha, Kokua

Lam resin,I’ve used it all ,and I always run back to lam resin. …try this: take some lam resin ,and let it sit in a container/cup with a dust cover on it to prevent crap from getting in it, but not air tight!Over night to a few days will be more that enough time.Now you have tacking resin.Tacking resin is used for just that ,tacking on fins. …I prefer boat lam,but sylmar 249 will work just fine.Herb

Lam Resin.Slower=stronger. R.B.

match up the fin base to the rocker with a die grinder. position the fin with tape from the top of the leading edge to rail on each side. apply lam resin with a tongue depresser and let it fill in underneath the fin. wipe the bead area with a gloved finger. stay away from hot glue.

Hey, thanks a bunch. I just have a couple fin repairs to do. I usually just use lam. resin anyway but was wondering if there was a better way because it takes a little bit to dry. corb.