The Boardroom Expo: Are you attending?

Per the title, will you be going to the ‘‘Boardroom’’ at the Del Mar Fairgrounds?       Will these local area fires deter your attendance?      I plan to be there Saturday, but living where I do, these fires are a concern.     Not sure about Sunday, at all.     I’ll just have to see.     I’ll be at the ‘‘Bird’s Surf Shed’’ booth, as well as taking a look around.    I’m going to pick up some goodies at the Foam-EZ booth too.      If you’re there, make a point of introducing yourself.


Have fun. I do wish it would move   back to Ventura. In Santa Fe, N.M. for the moment. 


Yes. Driving down from Lakewood Saturday. I always learn something while I’m there. Anybody need a ride or need gas money to drive. I have room for one (small Tacoma pickup). Quick plug for Matt Beard Art. Check it out.

I’m going both days.  No booth, looking forward to checking things out and having a relaxing weekend.

I’ll be working the SHACC booth all day Sunday.

Stop by and say hello.

 A SHACC Membership is one of the the best deals you will find at the Boardroom or anywhere else for that matter…


Aloha Roger,

I lived there as a kid.     1944, 1945, where we lived there were lots of pine trees.     Wood fired heat, strings of red chilies hanging outside the door, that smell of pinewood smoke, snow in the winter.     Lots of memories of Santa Fe.     All good ones.     Still remember Carlsbad Caverns, the bats, and getting so tired my father had to carry me out.


another one of our own, La Mision Surfboards and Even Menen. Stop by his booth.

I’ll be there at the demo on Sunday and the show after that.

Take this picture with you so you can show them what aliens are contributing to surfboard technology.

Hey bill. Hope the fires dont keep you from showing up. I drove down this morning at 530. The fires were still burning but not effecting any driving or anything here at the show. Its almost set up and looking great.

Hope to see you here tomorrow.

Ps. Foam ez is here

Set up today. I’m at booth g-9. Between Grain and Stu Kenson.

Stop by and say hi.

I always love seeing my fellow board builders,

and meeting new ones.

I was going to go but then I already made planes to take over the Guberment in Washington DC until I remembered this is the weekend of the shuffleboard finials and Ice tea tasting at shady rest trailer Park and 
Mrs Sazinsky is sure to take 1 place with her peach rhubarb surprise ice tea.
Wish I could be there but honestly Plane tickets are just too expensive. Besides didn’t san Diego burn Down?


 Mike you should have a booth. It is a lot diffrent then the retailers show in Orlando More center on the craft and less on the crap.


Does Scott Bass have any connection with this event?


Well, I spent four hours at the show today.     Saw some interesting looking boards, and some nice color work.      Right next to the Surf Shed booth was a wood board exhibit, with of all things Roy Stuart’s (broken/repaired)  creation that he calls a surfboard.    That board does not do photo’s of it justice.   I may have to go back tomorrow and take a photo of that board, and Bird’s new gun together.    The thought staggers me!    Saw a few of the SwayBros there too.



Its still bassy’s show .

yowza…them aliens got some chops…


lots of pics using instagram tag #boardroomshow that you can see here on a normal computer

I got to see Bill’s gun up close to day. Its no joke. Got to shake his hand and he was nice enough to give me the complete run down of what he had going on with the board. Ill get a photo of it tomorrow and post it up. Although it wont do much justice…


(Bites tongue)