The Bonzer 5. Board #5

6’3" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/4".

Made for me, a 5’10" 140 lbs. scrawny 16-year-old. Will be used as my board for good waves (head high up to about 3-4 feet overhead and hollow). Mostly used as a tuberider.

13 3/4" Pulled in tail. 11 1/4" Narrow nose. Constant curved, but low rocker. Nose rocker is only about 4 3/4", but it is a continuous curve. The idea was to make it fast, but still have control. Tail rocker is about 2 1/4". A lot of the thickness is between the ribcage/belly button area for getting in early. The foil is more forward compared to thrusters.

Lokbox fins. Will be ridden as a bonzer as well as a tri-fin, and I will decide which one I like better for this board.

Special thanks to the Campbells for their inspiration, as well as Joshmosh, who did most of the sanding.

Made the rail bands with enamel (D’OH! didn’t know i had to use acrylic). Luckily it was done over the hot coat, so it can be easily removed. Read the other thread I made for the whole story on that.


Bottom (the concaves look shallow in this pic, but I assure you they are not)

wow mate it looks fun …

can you get a shot from the tail looking down , so we can see the fins and concaves better [lie the board flat , sidelighting is good for showing concaves …

cheers !


for a three fin bonzer setup , do you have the longer side runners …does Rainbow or lokbox make THEM yet , for the lokbox system ? THAT I would like to try !! [or make my own …if and when we EVER get Lokbox in Australia , that is !!! ]

Hey chip,

When I said I was going to use it as a tri-fin, I meant as like a thruster setup. I am unsure of whether or not lokbox or Rainbow makes the big three-fin siderunners.

I’ll post a better picture of the fins and concaves later.