The Brushfire Fish Revisited

I’ve been curious about the “e-wing” that the Campbell bros are putting on some of their bonzers. Borrowing the idea (and the outline) from an octafish, I came up with this one. Not really a bonzer bottom, but it has a pretty good amount of single to double concave. Designed to be a twin, quad, thruster, single or single with sidebiters. Found out (not that it was any surprise) that I’m no Darthvader or Obiwon, but the swirls came out okay after the initial shock of the funky color that came out of the swirls when the resin mixed together. I almost pulled the glass up and squeegeed all the resin off, but since it’s mine, I figured I could spray it red or something if I just couldn’t live with it. As is, it’s growing on me (sort of like a mole) so I’m warming up to the color job. The fin has a G-10 base with cypress and mesquite (kiawe to our Hawaiian friends). I made it to fit FCS since I had the plugs and a plethora of FCS fins. Overall, a pretty fun project, the Fusion plugs would have been better to do after the glass, but I didn’t decide to do the color until they were already in, oh well, next time maybe I’ll plan a little better…

For some reason, I can’t edit my original post, but wanted to mention the color, outline, and amount of fin plugs reminded me of Chipfish’s original “Brushfire Fish” post from a few years back, thus the name of the thread. Good stuff there from Ben.

Shape looks like fun, and it’s awesome playing with resin tints/patterns… this came out way better than my recent first attempt at a swirl… The colour is def. gnarly though lol. I really dig the stripes that wrap around the rail to the deck on the right hand side, must have been some even drips or something? I actually really like how the swirl looks on the laps.

I’ll be stoked for the ride report, and to hear what you think of those Campbell Bro style flutes on the wings. I’m thinking about doing a fish with that sort of shape to it at some point as well…

Also meant to comment on the trippy FCS plugs all in a row for the center fin. Crazy! Never seen that before.

Thanks BC! FCS made some single fins a few years back to fit the plugs like that. The neat thing is a regular FCS double tab fin will fit in those plugs which is why I went that route over a regular fin box.