"the crew ".....

Moderators: Hicksy, JohnMellor, KeithMelville, LeeV, PaulJensen

Congratulations , “Grant” !

“the plan is working …bwahahaha bwahahaha …”

    mini ben

"first , ve vill sell eine “Hixtreme” here… "

“yes , Grant , I WILL drink this resin now …”

…“you sure it will make me surf better ?”

Are we talking about “moderation”?

welcome fellow modewator ! [yep , the famous “Balsa” , “moderates” at www.Shaperoom.net ! ] …sacre bleu mon petites poissons !



[Seems you gotta like / go BIG , instead , to ‘moderate’ , eh ? this one of YOURS ain’t no midget either , eh , Billy ?! hehehahahhhhh !!!]


Dang. That picture locked up my computer.

Not surprising. 9’ 2" gun, made some fifteen years ago, returned to the shop today for a loose fin fix. Had not seen it for all these years. Like an old friend suddenly coming back after a long trip…