The Dale -- Final Images

Mellor of Morro

we remember this wave

nice come-from-behind

and in…

extras of caveman

derrick / run

father and son

(son out of position)

ross & katrina, lane

jack white of santa cruz “proto-kneelo” fame with the usual suspects

uncle & nephew

uncle & caveman

jdbailiff & mow

jaimie & steve

lance, run, gnome, et al

jamie & jon, mellow

jon & run, a scene from Endless Summer

mark, jon, jamie, mark, steve, derrick

intimidating presence on the cliff

am_glass & dr s

costello & mellor

good times. nice to put some faces to names.

(ooh, it looks cold to someone like me who’s still surfing in boardies).

oldy, no regrets here

dudley safely out of reach

a new venue

he did it all

I can’t see the images at work due to keyword blocking (tiny is one of them…for some reason…)

Can you send some through for the coffee table book, this is the sort of stuff we need more of…

Thats Marty the Mechanic, doing what he does best. Picking off the better set waves and gregariously hooting for someone to put all that fat shoulder to good use. Thanks for the waves, Marty.

This gathering was pretty incredible, not because we got epic surf, but because of the personalities that came together, shared waves, equipment, food, water, alcohol, shelter, and neoprene.

MOW- thanks for putting it together, and working out the rental car situation at 3am when those of us with shorter tempers would have flown off the handle.

Scott-thanks for the guidance, knowledge, and the hood( oldy, it is as cold as it looks out there)

Gnome-big, huge thanks for the ride up CA 1 to SanFran/Oakland and the airport

Joel-thanks for keeping the finger on the trigger all week

Manss’-the bbq chicken and cali salad were amazing, thanks for the hospitality

S.Kneel- for teaching me the proper way to fix up some tacos, it just isn’t the same on the east coast

Luke and DM for being all the entertainment anyone could ever need, and Luke again for following me into the cold north pacific in the middle of the night

Frank for loaning us all the tools needed for on-the-fly ding repair and fin modification, i don’t know ANYONE else who would drop off their personal shaping tools to a house full of strangers with stranger toys. amazing

Olsen for doing the same with his edgespoon, hope it returned back to you in good shape.

JDBailiff for being the first other matsurfer i’ve ever shared a lineup with, and for pushing me into my first wave in california in some challenging conditions, to say the least

I know i’m missing a dozen others, but i’ve gotta stop somewhere…

Hopefully we can all get together again this winter

and add some new personalities to the mix as well,

all are welcome



J, how about same time, same place?

this is lloyd and his wife. lloyd is an old friend of jon manss.

manss talked him into getting back on a kneeboard for the first time in about 15 yrs

and lent him one of his boards

steve neal also did some persuading up on the cliff

lloyd got comfortable right away

a week later he enters the Worlds as a dark horse, takes first in his first heat,

and scores the barrel of the day, a 10

markus in his element

capt cook sails into honolulu bay

ice (scott)

looking for the ledges

disengage - reengage

2 g’s on almost nothing

slashing thru the stars

dude, where are your eyes!

steve on the watchtower

at night he had the one room with no heat and dressed like this even when it was 80

tyler coons and the one bad thing about riding a mat


this is the end, beau-ti-ful friend, the end…

believe it or not, there are no more photos. like jamie i have some thanks to give but gotta get some sleep.

hasta manana

#1 - thanks, dale, for the inspiration. it’s one thing to have skills, another thing to be generous with them and make yourself accessible. how’d you like that group call? lol may the next 50 yrs be your best.

#2 - big thankyou to sway’s and mike paler for the support

#3 - mega-thanks to joel mayer. he’s been selfless with these images

#4 - to the guys who wanted to come, practically came, tried to come, couldn’t come, wish they’d come, a shout out: john s, rooster, john mann, rw, g2, romo, alex kopps, dan malloy, barry baker, skip jones, paul n, “matt”, jeremy, martin headman, john hall… anybody else? maybe next time

#5 - to guys we didn’t get pictures of: mike sears with the great calls, kim green (kage) wish we’d gotten out with you, mike garrett of yosemite sorry we missed each other, dan young for the 3 doz. red delicious, tyler’s friend craig the friendly logger.

#6 - thanks, john manss, for keeping an eye on us and helping nora make dinner for us - where’d you end up putting that photo-shopped yalta summit / local legends picture?

final images of the dalers





dr s



dudley perkins






john mellor








the unknown soldier

nannette’s house

all work by joel mayer pro photog

rick motolla’s poster

mission accomplished

markgnome just finished this modification - he will explain

The above pictures show repair of the fish tail tips of a board once called the “pocket goblin”

two years ago i made a 5’7" single fin for standup surfing. inspired by the people and boards i encountered at the Dale i decided to preform extensive reconstructive surgery on the goblin. Run came over to assist.

We took a saw and hacked off the tail and finbox. we scored the deck lam then peeled it off and began scooping. I changed it into a fishtail. I was going for something between my fish and Run’s blue fish spoon. we don’t have any true points down here in San Diego. a full spoon is not optimal for the places I surf.

I rode the board for the first time in glassy beach break surf. I was able to get into and come out of a handful of nice little tubes before slamming the fishtail tips into the sand. i put some carbon fiber in the repair lams to make that area stronger.

this board tends to sideslip. but your can use it to your advantage. Scott and I discussed this at Swift Street. There is one picture of his tail kind of drifting out. the nose points toward the top of the wave and it sort of pushes you along right in the pocket. i rarely see people do this anymore, but it is one way to ride the tube, and Scott is a master of this technique!

anyhow this board is now called the “pocket goblin spish”

Hi Manowar -

Thank YOU for everything you did. Setting up the event, renting the house and picking up after everybody was above and beyond.

I’m only sorry I didin’t have more time to spend. The boards were very unique. I missed most of the surf sessions but the pics show what was going on - basically there was clean, consistent swell the entire week and everybody had a shot at it.

I hope you do it again!

thanks, john

mark, spray it black and you’ve got one wicked board

Boy these pics bring back great feelings and memories. My first shared sessions with other mat surfers in my home breaks! Seeing actual spoons ridden by actual spoon builders! Learning an incredible amount from everyone. Riding an Ambrose Curry tanker at moss landing courtesy of the great young surf philosopher Derrick. Getting to know some of the nicest folks I have ever met in the world surf community. Seeing some incredible building projects ridden in excellent mid-winter Santa Cruz A-list surf! And a mind boggling slide show and movie night to cap the whole deal off!

Thanks Man-O, and be seeing you!


jdb, you added so much. you were a great presence.

i’m just curious, how many guys would throw down $150 today to get the same house for the same dates, 12/27-1/4, and do it again? would we have 12 guys?

hehehe… double anything you buy MOW! I’m down for the trip! NOW I JUST NEED A JOB!!!

i knew i could count on you, sw, even at the expense of your parents’ marriage