The Day The World Changed?

Just read this piece of news. If my assumption is correct it will affect everything and everyone and that includes making surfboards.

Do you mean selling oil in Euros instead of USD’s? The Euro is now the reserve currency for more than 50% of the world? It’s been the USD for how many decades? I think the signs that the dominance of the USD is coming to an end is well in truly on the wall.

Is the Federal Reserve a privately owned corporation!?

this has nothing to do with surfboards but this is an interesting take on where the world is headed in regards to govt’s and currencies-

you are right about no turning back surfding. we are seeing the globalization of everything. first it was just the markets and trade agreements, now regulations, laws, environmental agreements, human rights, media, security and just about everything else is being globalized. by design or not, things are changing and these ideas of merging currencies and governments that might have once seemed absurd are playing out sooner than anyone would have predicted. 

dean, there were stories in the media here yesterday about a plan by the Asian and middle eastern countries to change the currency that oil is traded in. I wonder if it will ever happen or if its just speculation -

Don’t be fooled by short sighted analyisis.


The dollar is weak now because we are in the middle of the biggest stock market rally since the Great Depression, as equites surge the dollar falls. After this stock market rally is over, 4Q09-1Q10, and we travel back down past the March 09 lows, in 2011-2012, the dollar will again surge, and be a safe haven, as it was this past year.

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For about 20 years we have seen this coming. In the middle east they already want to change the current currency (OIL MONEY) from the US$ to the EURO. Soon we will have one currency for Canada, USA and MEXICO with the rest of the Americas to follow. ASIA PACIFIC (Asia, Australia, NZ) to have one currency. There will be a consolidations around the world to prevent further financial crisis. We will end up with 4 major currencies before we converge to a one world system with one form of currency. The gears are now turning and their is no turning back. I think that’s why most of us surf and make surfboards it’s more of an escape than a practical thing to do. Helps to keep are heads in the sand like the big birds in OZ!

Did you see the video on youtube?



I heard about this in 1980. I thought it was a bit far out. However it's actually starting to happen!